How Canadian Tire Took On D2C ecommerce fulfillment

“If My Calculations Are Correct, When This Baby Hits 88 Miles Per Hour, You’re Gonna See Some Serious S***.”

-Dr. Emmett Brown

Taking on change is rarely easy, yet a small team in a large organization took a chance, and unlocked opportunity by thinking outside the enterprise box.

Canadian Tire

Seizing the Opportunity

As one of the most trusted and iconic Canadian brands, Canadian Tire was already great at running an efficient logistics and supply chain serving over 1,700 retail locations across a family of companies and brands.

With shifting customer demand, it became clear there was an opportunity to (quickly) figure out ecommerce fulfillment.

Startup Agility for the Enterprise

The logistics team needed to influence the larger organization on how to build out ecommerce fulfillment operations, this approach needed to be flexible, innovative AND agile.

The plan? Run an Experiment

Launch an ecommerce fulfillment operation in weeks, not 14+ months, and the budget estimated with existing systems.

The teams got to work, rapidly standing up a warehouse and setting up ecommerce fulfillment operations.

From racking to packing stations, networking / systems setup and team training.

Defining an MVP

With a phased rollout, an MVP was quickly determined for warehouse launch.

Speed with SaaS

The team moved fast, without the constraints of a complicated software solution – ShipHero was setup in days.

Team Collaboration

Canadian Tire & ShipHero teams worked together to meet all the requirements needed for launch.

Training & Launch

Working together onsite, ShipHero trained the trainers, and Canadian Tire trained the larger team.

From Idea to Shipping, in 4 months.

In just 4 months, the service launched and began shipping ecommerce orders for the first brand to come online, Pro Hockey Life.

Going Beyond the Experiment

With some high fives and a brief dance, the team continued to explore other opportunities.


Capacity and scale were added quickly, with only a couple of weeks required to bring each new brand into the warehouse.

Showing Immediate ROI

The team had also done its due diligence with setting up the shipping rate shopping features of ShipHero, which proved to bring an almost immediate ROI saved on shipping costs.

Unlocking Retail

With the successful launch of the D2C fulfillment warehouse now serving multiple brands, the next step in the experiment was unlocking retail in-store inventory, increasing available to sell inventory as well as new product offerings.

The team has been successfully rolling in-store ecommerce fulfillment and shipping across stores, with incredible speed.


Then COVID-19 Hit.

Handling a Crisis

In-store D2C fulfillment has proved to be resilient while the COVID crisis has rapidly redefined how consumers buy.


Retail stores are not open for retail, but they are open for ecommerce and curbside and are successfully meeting the increased fulfillment demand of customers who are now buying at home.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

-Albert Einstein

From hockey sticks to professional racing shoes, sporting goods to camping gear, Canadian Tire have unlocked D2C warehouse and in-store ecommerce fulfillment for their family of brands.

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Carmine Bosco, AVP Supply Chain at Canadian Tire shares the journey, what his team has learned, and how they are continuing to unlock ecommerce & retail D2C opportunity.

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