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Gain Access to the Coolest Super Power – PostHero

PostHero by ShipHero gives you the coolest super power – the power to predict. The tools you need to predict delivery and track shipment progress are now integrated into ShipHero for U.S. clients.

You need the ability to predict the future – at least when it comes to your shipments. With PostHero, you’ll have access to a dashboard that tracks all of your outgoing orders from shipment to delivery. You’ll be able to look across carriers and see which ones are performing the best, and which ones might be falling short.

ShipHero clients in the U.S. may reach out directly to Support below to get more details.

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With PostHero, you’ll be able to:

  • Track Packages Across Carriers
  • Identify Growth Opportunities in Shipping
  • Recognize and Address Fulfillment Gaps

PostHero provides insight by giving you the tools you need to truly understand your fulfillment process, even after the package has left your facility.

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With PostHero, you can pull the following reports:

  • Shipments by Destination – Select specific destination states to understand regional shipping times and carriers.
  • Fulfillment Gaps – Filter by specific carrier(s) and shipping method(s).
  • Shipments by Date – Use dates to track how long shipments are taking and identify areas for improvement.

Or, mix it up. PostHero provides you with the different filters. Find the reporting that works best for you by combining filters to get an accurate picture.

Additionally, PostHero includes a robust data visualization tool that makes it easier to understand where you might be falling short and where you’re excelling. Plus, an easy-to-read dashboard for stats at a glance.
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PostHero Works Seamlessly with Klaviyo

PostHero also works seamlessly with our direct integration with Klaviyo. Klaviyo workflows allow ShipHero clients to provide visibility to their customers, triggering email and text notifications as a package moves through the shipment process.

The Klaviyo integration with PostHero brings all the power of Klaviyo’s workflows to ShipHero’s U.S. clients. These workflows are powerful! Tracking certain triggers within ShipHero enables Klaviyo workflows. These customizable workflows put the power of customer satisfaction in the hands of ShipHero’s U.S. clients.

A Few Reminders About PostHero:

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PostHero currently supports 5 carriers: USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL eCommerce, and Shippo
(More carriers coming soon!)
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Available for all U.S. SaaS 3PL and Brand Accounts, and ShipHero Fulfillment Clients
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PostHero currently populates orders as of 7/1/2021
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Any orders leveraging the ShipHero Public API are not currently available

Get Started Now

Current and new U.S. ShipHero Software and Fulfillment clients have access to PostHero from Day 1. All of the tools have been integrated to provide ease of access.

For current U.S. ShipHero Software clients, please click HERE to find out more information about how to use PostHero.

For current ShipHero Fulfillment customers, please click HERE to find out more information about how to use PostHero.

New to ShipHero?

If you’re ready for an end-to-end Warehouse Management System solution that will reduce your mis-ships by 99.9% and increase your warehouse output by 3X, talk to one of our Software Experts today.

If you’re ready to be hands-off and have us ship DTC for you, ShipHero’s full-service outsourced fulfillment solution is the answer. Find out more about ShipHero Fulfillment by speaking with a Fulfillment Expert today.

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