3PL Client Portal

Self-Service Superpowers

Customizable white label 3PL portal with a user-friendly interface to empower your 3PL customer accounts with self-service capabilities
Self-Service Superpowers
Real Time Insights
Make it Your Own

Personalize your portal’s subdomain with your company name and feature your logo on invoices, shipping orders, labels, email communications, and more

Empower Your Clients
Streamlined Shipping Plans:

Your customers can effortlessly manage their inbound shipments using our intuitive tools through their own portal.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking:

Customers can keep tabs on their warehouse inventory with up-to-the-minute updates available in their dedicated portal.

Efficient Order Management:

Customers can easily create, manage, and consolidate single and bulk orders via their personal portal.

Unified Returns Handling:

Simplify your customers’ returns process with a centralized system for authorizations, inspections, and refunds, all accessible through their portal.

Comprehensive Reporting:

Customers can stay informed with easy access to detailed and insightful reports directly from their portal.

Self-Service Support:

Your customers can utilize ShipHero’s Knowledge Base articles for quick and effective self-service assistance through their portal.

Hear from our awesome clients


The 3PL client portal is awesome – it streamlines logistics operations, provides real-time information, and enhances communication between clients and the 3PL. It makes it all more transparent and efficient.

 Zach Z., Dollar Fulfillment

The goal of a 3PL is to make logistics as simple as possible for your clients. The new client portal allows for 3PL clients to see a quick snapshot of the key items that need to be addressed to keep operations running as smoothly as possible. Our clients will be thrilled to have this simple dashboard to key into every day.
 Matt S., Tidalwave 3PL
Experience the Future of Logistics Management
Embrace efficiency, enhance brand identity, and improve satisfaction with ShipHero’s 3PL Client Portal.