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ShipHero’s Mobile pick and pack software solution makes fulfilling orders one of the most stress-free tasks in your warehouse.

At ShipHero, we believe that picking and packing are where true efficiency can really take hold. That’s why we have some of the best pick and pack software available. Here’s what sets it apart.

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ShipHero’s Inventory Management Software Includes:

Optimized Picking Routes

No more walking in crazy eights around the warehouse. ShipHero’s pick and pack software is smart enough to plan the most efficient picking route, cutting down on the time it takes to pick and, maybe more importantly, cutting down on the amount of energy your team members expend picking orders.

Order Processing Options

Choose the best way for your team to pick orders. ShipHero has the ability to handle single-item batch, multi-item batch and bulkship. This is just another way to ensure order accuracy and speed up the picking process.

Packing Station Synergy

Because of ShipHero’s inherently intuitive software, packing is also made simple and practically error-free. We’ve even made a video that shows you how to set up an efficient packing station

Plus, we figured out how to gamify packing. One way is to install actual gaming buttons at the packing station and have them connected to certain packing tasks. This eliminates the need for the packer to use a keyboard or mouse which slows down the process. Read more about our adaptive packing stations here.

And, we’ve developed the Hero Board – a daily account of the number of orders that need to be picked, packed and shipped. It updates every hour to display the progress of the warehouse as a whole and focuses on the pickers and packers on the floor to highlight their pace.

And this is just the start of what ShipHero’s pick and pack software can do. Additional features include:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Automatic batch creation
  • Individual logins
  • Barcode scanning
  • BulkShip
  • Error reduction
  • User data reports

The Best Pick and Pack Software is Part of ShipHero

We pride ourselves on our intuitive interface which makes learning our pick and pack software an easy win for warehouse managers. Many clients have told us they can get a new picker proficient on the software in just 15 minutes.

If you’re looking for a way to cut down errors in your warehouse, maintain a happy customer base and make picking and packing just a bit more fun, you’re looking for ShipHero’s Warehouse Management Software.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Pick and Pack Software Solutions

What is picking software?

First, let’s define picking. In the context of an eCommerce warehouse, picking refers to the process of a team member walking through the warehouse to find the inventory for a specific order, picking that inventory out of its bin and placing it in a tote so that it can be taken to the packing station. 

Picking software makes this process easy and helps to ensure an error-free experience. Picking software will show the picker where the products are located, and provide the most efficient route for picking all the items in an order. Picking software provides an easy way to keep track of what orders have been picked and by whom so that identifying errors (if there are any) becomes simple.

For more FAQs about our pick and pack software solution, click here.