Double your picks. Without an extra shift.

Optimized batch picking and route selection means your team picks more items in less time. Save your overtime for peak surges.

Pick, pack & ship software on the move
True efficiency
Efficiency unlocked.
Labor is costly – so give your team the tools they need to get the job done as quickly as possible.

ShipHero’s WMS includes:

Optimized Picking Routes

No more walking in crazy eights around the warehouse. ShipHero’s pick and pack software plans the most efficient picking route, cutting down on the time it takes to pick and, more importantly, cutting down on the amount of energy your team members expend picking orders.
Optimized Picking Routes

Order Processing Options

Choose the best way for your team to pick orders. ShipHero has the ability to handle single-item batch, multi-item batch and bulkship. This is just another way to ensure order accuracy and speed up the picking process.

Packing Station Synergy

Packing is made simple and practically error-free. Plus, we figured out how to gamify packing. One way is to install actual gaming buttons at the packing station and have them connected to certain packing tasks. This eliminates the need for the packer to use a keyboard or mouse which slows down the process.
Pre-kit assembly & FBA

AI-Driven Packaging Recommendations

As orders are processed at your packing stations, our algorithm uses your pack-out history to find the most efficient packaging that has been used for this type of order in the past, and recommends the specific packaging to use on this order.
Package Weight Discrepancy Detection
Scales can be finicky – miscalibration, packer error, or a misplaced item can result in inflated weights and higher costs. You can pack confidently knowing that our weight discrepancy algorithm has your back.
Submit Work Orders
Hero Board
Hero Board is a daily account of the number of orders that need to be picked, packed and shipped. It updates every hour to display the progress of the warehouse as a whole and focuses on the pickers and packers on the floor to highlight their pace.

The best pick and pack software

We pride ourselves on our intuitive interface which makes learning our pick and pack software an easy win for warehouse managers. Many clients have told us they can get a new picker proficient on the software in just 15 minutes.