Ops Optimization with Warehouse Job Scheduling & Analytics

Assign. Measure. Optimize. Labor analytics just got a big upgrade.

Unlock a 360° view of what’s happening in your warehouse, in real-time. View job assignments for your entire team in a single view, alongside the metrics you need to know to hit your daily goals. Proactively use data to optimize performance and get more done with the team you have today.

Help Your People Do More Everyday

Make your warehouse work better by making the most of your team!

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Pre-assign tasks so workers know their assignments as soon as they scan in

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Give employees the ability to scan in and out of the facility to maintain their timecards and record breaks and lunches

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Review the efficiency of your employees as individuals and as teammates

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Put your fastest pickers with your fastest packers and watch the orders roll out

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Rearrange / reassign jobs throughout the day to meet SLAs and make sure the work gets done

Easy-to-Use & Easy-to-Integrate

Your ShipHero software is already recording all the data you’ll need to take advantage of our Labor reporting. And, you know it’ll be easy-to-use because the interface is modeled after our simple and clean software design that you know so well.

How to Start Saving

If you’re interested in getting ShipHero, one of the leading warehouse management systems available, contact our team for a demo today.