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ShipHero is Super Powered By This Group of Heroes.

At ShipHero, our Founder & CEO, Aaron Rubin, believes in hiring the best people with the highest ethical, moral and professional standards. They also happen to be absolute rock stars when it comes to the work they do as well. The Executive Leadership Team at ShipHero is the driving force behind the organization that works every day, in tandem with all of our employees, to make our business, and our clients, a success. Get to know our heroes below!

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Aaron Rubin

CEO & Founder

Maggie M. Barnett, Esq.


Jess Hansen


Dan Van Meer

Vice President of Marketing

Don White

Vice President of Solutions

Gary Mirsky

Vice President Sales, SaaS

Jen Williams

Senior VP of Customer Success

Mariela Diaz

UX Director

Martin Albisetti

Vice President of Engineering

Russel Hosein

VP of Product, Fulfillment

Scott Thomas

Vice President Sales, FaaS

Tommy Zhou

Vice President of Finance

Yosef Haas

Vice President of Product