work orders

Effortless Work Orders

Manage Pre-Assembly, Track Progress, and Unlock Cash Flow.

Effortless Work Orders
Smart tracking

Smart tracking

A streamlined system that can keep track of the work, the hours, the inventory and your time is key to success.

How Work Orders works

Submit Work Orders

It’s easier than ever for you or your client to submit a work order with as much or as little detail as possible. With ShipHero’s Work Orders feature you can:

  • Submit & monitor Work Orders progress
  • Attach images, videos or documents to provide project details
  • Every step is tracked making it easy to follow-up
  • Submit your unique request with our custom option
Submit Work Orders
Pre-kit assembly & FBA

Pre-kit assembly & FBA

See on-hand inventory for the SKUs you need to get your kits assembled. Plus, you can:

  • Input packing and assembly details
  • Track inventory movement in real-time
  • Update the progress, review and assign

Increase cash flow

Keep track of all billing for your work orders within ShipHero.


  • Add different rates based on units, hours worked or more
  • Add more than one rate per job to make sure youare compensated for the work
  • Get paid for special projects quicker by billing faster at the end of the project