ShipHero + NetSuite = Integration Nirvana

ShipHero’s new NetSuite Data Connector offers a direct integration between ShipHero’s WMS and Netsuite.

The power of NetSuite lies in its ability to streamline the entire ordering and inventory process for eCommerce transactions. With ShipHero’s new integration with NetSuite, information necessary to run your eCommerce store will flow seamlessly between the two systems.

From NetSuite to ShipHero
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  • Products
  • Orders
  • PO / Shipping Plans
  • Transfer Orders
  • RMAs

From ShipHero to NetSuite

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  • Inventory Updates / Stock Relocation
  • Returns
  • PO Receipts
  • Order Fulfillments

Easy-to-read dashboard makes it simple to resolve any issues.

The ShipHero/NetSuite Integration dashboard allows you to check on each integration flow and determine where any errors are coming from and resolve them quickly. Ninety-five percent of the errors can be fixed from the dashboard by resetting the status of the message with no need to contact NetSuite support.

Example of the ShipHero / NetSuite Dashboard

Contact ShipHero Today for a Demo

If you’re a current ShipHero & NetSuite client, enabling the direct integration is pretty easy to do in just a few simple steps. Contact your CSM to find out how to get the integration up and running for you and your warehouse.

If you’re interested in getting more from your Warehouse Management Software, including a direct integration with NetSuite, contact us for a demo today.