Sales Orders At the Ready

Sales Orders can be created within either ShipHero or NetSuite. The system’s ability to handle high volumes was tested with up to 40,000 orders per day, which was achieved with zero errors or delays. The integration is designed to support even higher volumes of orders, ensuring your business can operate and scale smoothly without any limitations.

Based on your preferences, there are several options available to handle partial shipments, split shipments, and back-order scenarios. These options can significantly expedite the fulfillment and shipping process, ultimately leading to greater customer satisfaction.

Similar to Purchase Orders, requests can be submitted to edit Sales Orders from NetSuite to ShipHero. Additionally, a request can be made to have any Sales Orders that originated within NetSuite canceled within ShipHero. If the order was created in ShipHero, the order can be canceled outright.

Customer Returns

Customer returns can be created in either system. Returned SKUs can be placed in a non-sellable location until a review of the item is completed and a decision has been made about reselling the item or trashing it. You’ll also be able to follow your own returns process flow.

In the case that a shipped item is Returned to Sender, the Returns Management record will be created in ShipHero.

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