Product Updates are Automatic with ShipHero & NetSuite

Kit SKUs

It is also possible to set up product types for things like kitting. Kit SKUs can be stored in NetSuite and sent to ShipHero as a single kit SKU or as several component SKUs. With our connector, you can monitor the status of the kit components and monitor individual item fulfillment status to ensure that all items have been shipped as required.

Product Sync

Products updates are triggered by two specific actions:

  • New SKUs are created.
  • New Transfer or Purchase Orders are created.

Lot Numbers

If a Lot number is required, the item will be flagged in ShipHero. The Lot number will be pulled from ShipHero once available and attached to the appropriate record in NetSuite.

Replacement SKUs

When this feature is enabled you have additional control over how an order ships when inventory is limited. If an order cannot be shipped with its original items you can designate a replacement item or add an additional item to an order to ensure it is still fulfilled on time.

Saved Searches

Searches can be filtered by Lot number, customer, vendor or product. These searches are saved in the dropdown menu making it easy to conduct the search in just a few clicks. Our connector works seamlessly with this NetSuite functionality.

For more information about the NetSuite Data Connector and ShipHero, contact us today!