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Get the Best View with ParcelView

End-to-End Transparency Now At the Click of a Button

Ensuring the safe and accurate arrival of items ordered via an online store is one of the basic benchmarks consumers ask eCommerce sellers to pass. But a lot can happen between a warehouse and the customer’s front door. ParcelView acts as the ultimate source of truth for both the customer and brand.

ParcelView by ShipHero is a feature that allows you to take a snapshot of the interior of a package before it’s shipped. This image is saved in the ShipHero Warehouse Management System and is visible via the Shipping screen. Having photographic evidence of how packages are shipped increases picker and packer accountability and can provide support if a client or customer complains of receiving a broken item.

The best part is, ParcelView can be implemented almost immediately. All you need is a camera with a long arm mounted to the scale at your shipping station.


Here’s How It Works:

Attach a camera with a long (or an adjustable) arm above the scale in your shipping workstation. The arm should be tall enough to give plenty of clearance to the boxes that are placed on the scale, so consider different package sizes when sourcing the best armature.

The packer scans a barcode that instructs the camera to take the photo. The photo will appear on the screen, so you can preview it. If you wish to retake the photo, that option exists. Simply hit the “retake photo” button at the bottom of the screen and scan the barcode again to take a new shot.

Note: Only one image can be attached to each shipping record.

The image is now stored with the shipping record. After taking the picture, the packer continues to pack, label and prep the box for shipment like normal.

ShipHero’s ParcelView is an Advanced Tool for Your Advanced Warehouse

High-End Accountability for Higher Customer Satisfaction

ParcelView protects both customers and fulfillment centers in the retail supply chain by ensuring the exact order is being shipped to each customer. With ParcelView, customers can verify the correct color, size and type of product was sent to them. If a customer ordered a red swimsuit and was sent a blue one, ParcelView provides the proof. Alternatively, if a customer claims they ordered two pairs of shoes and was only sent one, shipping centers can verify this information by reviewing the ParcelView image of the order.

Most of ShipHero’s competitors might take a photo of a package once it’s sitting on the doorstep, completely discounting the important steps of picking, packing and shipping. It’s a long journey told only through one static image at the end. It’s kind of like taking a picture of the airplane once you’ve arrived back at the airport from a long trip. That picture cannot convey the journey you just took.

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Want to Get Started with ParcelView?

If you’re a current ShipHero customer, please reach out to your CSM with any questions. Non-ShipHero customers can contact us by using one of the links below.

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Ready to be hands-off and have us ship DTC for you?

ShipHero offers outsourced fulfillment at scale through our network of owned and operated warehouses around the US. We pick, pack, and ship eCommerce orders with our open API and one-click integration into Shopify and other eCommerce stores. Our full-service fulfillment solution helps over 5,000 eCommerce brands and 3PLs improve their transit times, shipping costs, and customer experience.

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Need software to run your warehouse?

Our warehouse management system allows you to run a super-charged warehouse and fulfill customer orders at lightning speeds. ShipHero provides end-to-end automation, a mobile-powered workforce, and one-click integration to your Shopify or other eCommerce stores. Our software makes shipping faster, easier, and more affordable.