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Guesswork is Gone with ShipHero’s Putaway Feature

Always find the perfect place for new products by using the Putaway Feature in ShipHero’s Mobile App.

Let’s state the obvious: Warehouses are big and keeping track of every specific product location is a logistical nightmare.

Now, ShipHero has removed the guesswork by adding Putaway to our mobile app. Putaway allows you to create a workflow around putting items away.

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Here’s How It Works

  • On the ShipHero Mobile App, navigate to Products → Putaway
  • You’ll be able to choose how you would like to Putaway the product:
    • Scan Location: Add all products from a location to your list
    • Scan a Case/Item: Add products to your list by scanning the case or the item barcode

Once the product has been scanned or the list has been created, you can then choose how many of each SKU to allocate to a specific area. The easy-to-read screen provides an ongoing status update so that you can be assured no product has been forgotten.

Plus, Putaway will indicate which of your products need replenishment, so you can get those putaway fastest and back into inventory. Please note that Putaway is currently only for ShipHero clients using dynamic slotting. Clients that are still using static slotting won’t be able to use this feature.

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Here’s How Putaway Helps Your Business

Putaway saves you time and energy. You’ll no longer need to keep a manual list of open locations in the warehouse or try and remember where you put the rest of an item. Now, with a few simple taps, you’ll have the information you need to keep your warehouse running at peak efficiency.

“I remember mentioning to the team (at ShipHero) that the receiving/putaway process was something I didn’t feel strongly about when first evaluating ShipHero. However, this new feature is awesome! It will truly help us save a lot of time.”

– ShipHero Client, Tandem

ShipHero’s team of developers will be adding additional functionality to the Putaway feature in the mobile app in the coming months. Be on the lookout for product updates.

ShipHero Software clients may reach out directly to Support below if you have any questions about Putaway. You can also review the Knowledge Base article here, or view our product video walkthrough on YouTube here.