An Inventory Management System that Counts

Inventory management systems for small businesses are key to helping your business remain profitable, cutting down on loss and maintaining a happy customer base.

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Inventory management software takes the headache of inventory out of your hands – and your Excel spreadsheets – and puts it into an easy-to-use system. With information at your fingertips, ShipHero’s Warehouse Management Software (WMS), with inventory management, is the tool that keeps you running with few distractions.

ShipHero’s Inventory Management Software Includes:

Cycle Count

Instead of taking time to count your inventory all at once, conduct cycle counts by selecting specific SKUs or locations to count on a regular basis. The cycle count dashboard makes it easy for managers to oversee the progress, note errors and assign recounts quickly.

Reorder & Replenishment Level Setting

You can easily define your own reorder and replenishment levels with ShipHero’s inventory management software, and set up triggers to alert you when these levels are reached. You can also trigger automatic re-orders of select products so you never run out of stock. When product is reordered, purchase orders are automatically generated, making it easy to accept and putaway inventory once it arrives.

Multi-Warehouse Allocation

ShipHero’s warehouse inventory management system provides the capacity to keep your inventory across multiple warehouses. You can also easily set up rules to determine where inventory on order should go. MWA also allows for warehouse to warehouse transfers keeping your inventory balanced and placed in the best warehouse for your business needs.

Additional Features of the Best Inventory Management Software Include:


Serial # tracking


Location management

Lot and expiration code tracking

Logs and reports, including replenishment reports

End the Debate: Warehouse Management vs. Inventory Management

Inventory management is actually part of warehouse management. Any high functioning warehouse should have the best inventory management software for eCommerce to keep things running smoothly and to keep inventory refreshed and ready to go.

While there is separate inventory management software available, the easiest thing for most eCommerce businesses is to have everything – inventory management, returns management, orders management – all in one place.

That one place is ShipHero’s Warehouse Management Software.

Schedule a call with one of our WMS experts today to see the full scope of ShipHero’s power for eCommerce brands.

Frequently Asked Questions About Inventory Management Systems

What is an Inventory Management System?

Inventory management software is a solution used by third-party logistics providers to manage the storage, movement, and tracking of inventory across fulfillment centers for their clients. The system helps 3PLs to efficiently track inventory levels, manage stock movements, generate reports, improve forecast accuracy, and provide real-time data to clients. With this software you gain inventory management visibility and get your logistics operational challenges streamlined. You’ll also likely see a reduction in manual errors, and improved accuracy of inventory data.

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