Get Started With ShipHero’s Proven Process of Client Onboarding

A curious, flexible and qualified team of professionals is ready to bring new ShipHero software clients on board – in record time! ShipHero has designed a simple, but substantial onboarding and implementation process that focuses on two things:

  • NQuality training and understanding of ShipHero’s Shipping Software to new clients
  • NTransitioning clients from the implementation team to the client support team
ShipHero has a proven record of successful onboarding and client support



Our process starts with team introductions and a high-level assessment of your pain points. We will have a discussion regarding the direction and timing of the project.

  • Establish Key Dates for Milestones
  • Guidance on Detailed Discovery
  • Establish Meeting Cadence


Data Collection & Discovery

We’ll continue by mapping out your current operations process, including receiving, putaway, warehousing, picking, packing and shipping. We’ll also perform a detailed analysis of data and information needs throughout the process.

  • Discovery for Carriers / Aggregators / Shopping Carts
  • Professional Services Discussion; Custom Invoice Discussion / Requirements
  • Static versus Dynamic Slotting


Fundamentals of ShipHero

We will introduce you to ShipHero’s dedicated teams that can address your needs. Our teams have developed proven tools and processes that will enable your warehouse to run more efficiently.

  • Sales Orders / Purchase Orders / Location Management / Catalog Management
  • Introduction of Automation Rules, Profiles, Workflows, Batch Picking, Replenishments
  • Overview of other ShipHero tools not needed for go-live, but available, such as reports, configurations, etc.


Warehouse Prep

ShipHero provides advice to your team regarding the type of equipment to order. Delivery dates and scheduled installation dates will be integral to the onboarding process. We’ll also work on the following warehouse areas:

  • Dynamic Slotting Location Naming Conventions; Order / Procure Labels; and if needed, Inventory Movements to Dynamic Slotting Locations
  • Schedule and Scope Location Labeling (Required to go-live); Schedule and Scope Physical Inventory (required to go-live)
  • Professional Services (as required)


User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Validation and Overall Troubleshooting

Our team will schedule training and familiarize your employees with the new system and functionality based on your recommendations. We will also perform comprehensive testing of workflows and coordinate with your dedicated solutions specialist.

  • Validate Carriers / Rates / Profiles and Expected System Behaviors
  • Schedule and Affirm Go-live Date
  • Go-Live Preparation

ShipHero’s Proven Process

The goal of our Implementation team is to prepare new clients to become super users of our powerful shipping software. Our dedicated team is positioned to provide the insight, guidance and education that all new clients need in order to be successful.

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Successful onboarding is critical.

Our team of heroes are here to support you and help you be more successful. Our goal at the end of the day is amplifying your success.

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We are your partners.

Our solutions specialists are here for you, period. We know that starting out on the right foot will lead to future success and our team takes that seriously – like saving-the-world seriously.

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Our software is the best.

We know that our shipping software gives you the best chance for success – we will always focus on how it will work best for you.

Incremental Steps Lead to Big Change

One of the key features of our implementation process is that we meet clients where they are. The onboarding process has been especially designed to be completed in stages so that any progress toward your end goal of full integration is not wasted.

However, quality implementation will take the time and effort for your team – but we will be with every step of the way.

By week 3 of the 4 to 6 week process, you and your team should expect to spend a good amount of time working on the tasks required to prepare your warehouse for ShipHero. For a better illustration of what the time commitment will look like, check out the chart below.

onboardin schedule
ShipHero onboarding schedule for warehouse management software clients

Don’t Take It from Us, Hear What Our Clients Say About our Proven Process

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Starpil Wax

“We are very pleased with the results so far as ShipHero has positively impacted our productivity and inventory accuracy. With that said, the most value I have gotten from the switch has been their customer support, Mike was great getting us started during the onboarding process and Cathy is always there for us with outstanding support and availability. Thank you guys!”

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Praveen B.

“We came from a paper pick process and were a bit nervous about our team’s ability to transition, but the software is very intuitive and everyone has caught on quickly. While the software is very easy-to-use, you can still dig in and digest all of the detail and raw data, which has been a big value driver for our management team as well. We are also just getting our feet wet with the open API and plan to further optimize our processes and reporting. All in all, we’ve been blown away with all of the functionality.”

We are Software Implementation Experts

Our team of shipping experts are ready to give you best-in-class onboarding support!

If you’re new to ShipHero, click HERE to schedule a call with our Software Sales Team.

If you’re an existing ShipHero client, click HERE to contact our Support Team.

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