Purchase Orders Under Your Control

Create, update and edit purchase orders all in one place

  • POs can be created and canceled on either the ShipHero or NetSuite, so long as the associated vendor exists within NetSuite.
  • All data shared between ShipHero and NetSuite is recorded, and a full audit trail is available to give you complete visibility. 

Request PO Changes

Edit: If a PO that was created in NetSuite needs to be changed, you can easily request an edit to ShipHero.
Cancel: A request to cancel a PO can be submitted from NetSuite to ShipHero. However, if the PO was initiated in ShipHero, canceling the PO in ShipHero will also cancel it in NetSuite.
Close: Once inventory for a purchase order is received, the warehouse will automatically close the PO, triggering a reconciliation within NetSuite.


Once an item is received in the warehouse, a confirmation is sent almost instantaneously to NetSuite and processed.

In instances where the received inventory amounts or SKUs do not match the purchase order, four distinct actions can be taken.

  • Append the SKUs to the purchase order and mark them as overreceived.
  • Create a child document linked to the original purchase order.
  • Create an inventory adjustment.
  • Receive the inventory, and status the document as “Reconcile to be Resolved.” This will trigger a manual reconciliation flag in the system.

Never Lose Track of Shipments

Inbound shipment records track shipment information such as expected delivery dates, items in the shipment, quantity to be received, and links to documentation and transactions.

With the NetSuite Data Connector, you can assign items from multiple purchase orders to the shipment and then receive, bill, and transfer them from the newly created record.

Inbound Shipments

If an inbound shipment is changed in transit, a detailed PO will be sent to ShipHero to keep track of the update. This update will then be passed along to NetSuite and updated there as well.

For more information about the NetSuite Data Connector and ShipHero, contact us today!