360Pro Fulfillment Goes Global with ShipHero

The current state of business is more globally connected than ever before, thanks to advancements in technology that have bridged the gap between customers and the products and services they require. However, the actual logistics of globalization are still a bit tricky when dealing with time zones and millions of physical miles between merchandise and customer front doors.

When Sean Doherty, Director of 360Pro Fulfillment, decided to start a 3PL while living in Asia and servicing customers primarily in North America, he knew there would be challenges. The least of which is just getting everyone on the same page. “I’m basically a remote owner operator of the business,” Doherty said. Being half a world away means you need to not only know exactly what you’re doing, but also have the best tools to support your business.

Enter ShipHero. Doherty and his business partner had previous experience with ShipStation but knew they needed 3PL software that could provide accurate inventory information and offer the support they would need to keep their customers informed and happy. 

With a best-in-class Customer Support team at the ready and one of the most robust knowledge bases in the industry, plus the #2 3PL Software as rated by G2, ShipHero was exactly what 360Pro needed.

Getting Started on the Right Foot

“One of the most attractive features was the onboarding that was offered,” Doherty said. “We had weekly calls, and it was a really great introduction. Then, between calls, I could access the different videos and articles to bring myself up to speed.”

Sean and his team knew ease of use would be a big selling point for their customers. “It’s easy to pick up right out of the box,” he said. “Which is important for me because I’m not on site. We do a call and a screen share, and it’s, ‘Oh, let’s look at this one time,’ and then they know what to do from there.”

360Pro Fulfillment works lean with only three employees, but their clients are growing eCommerce businesses with their sights set on big goals. “We have clients who do a lot of volume on just a couple of SKUs. We’ve found that Bulk Ship is the perfect feature to get those orders picked and packed quickly. The team loves using the app to pick orders.”


We have clients who do a lot of volume on just a couple of SKUs. We’ve found that Bulk Ship is the perfect feature to get those orders picked and packed quickly. The team loves using the app to pick orders.

Sean Doherty
CEO, 360Pro Fulfillment


Visibility from Half a World Away

As a 3PL, clients want visibility into what’s happening with their orders at any given time. And if you’re on a 12-hour time difference, that can get tricky. But ShipHero’s 3PL client portals are a lifesaver. 

“It’s been a great support system for me to bring on our clients,” Doherty said. “I can easily give them the resources from ShipHero’s library of how they’re going to get connected, and then say, ‘Here’s the keys, here’s your access, so you can play around with it as much as you want.’” 

Sean’s even had clients push him to learn more about ShipHero to provide better insight into what’s happening with their packages. “I had a client say, ‘We want to be able to track the average time it’s taken to make these deliveries.’”

While exploring ShipHero for his client’s request, Sean stumbled upon PostHero, our package tracking feature. With PostHero, Sean can now access accurate fulfillment and delivery time data. “I could give them all this data and say, ‘Look, this is our average and our time has actually been pretty good.’” Keeping clients happy is easier when you’ve got the data to back up your performance.

Countdown to 1 Million 

360Pro Fulfillment’s next big milestone is to hit 1 Million orders in a year. It comes with a nice rate break from USPS and will definitely solidify 360Pro has an up-and-coming 3PL for DTC eCommerce brands

“I’m fully confident we can get there,” Doherty said. “We’ve had a few big promotions from clients doing things like Good Morning America. I reached out to ShipHero and let Support know here’s what we expect.” Doherty said it went even better than anticipated. “We were prepared for some hiccups with such high order volume coming through, but everything seemed to run in real-time. And that was the start of saying to our clients, “Bring it on, we can handle it.’”

Sean said that increasing the team’s use of the software and growing more comfortable with it will help them reach this goal. “We can definitely use the software better. It just takes some kind of discipline on our side to stop doing our old habits and work on it a little bit differently now.”

But Sean is seeing a bright future with ShipHero, especially with how easy the software is to use and how responsive our Customer Support team is. “The software is super easy to use, has a user-friendly interface. You don’t have to be doing your own coding or anything like that, plus the responsive tech support is very valuable.”

360Pro Fulfillment is just one of many ShipHero 3PL clients who have seen how important the right software is to successfully running their business. And they have first-hand experience watching ShipHero help them grow. “We’re big fans,” Doherty told us. “We really appreciate being able to use the software.”

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