Good Company’s Journey to 10,000 Daily Units

  • 50% reduction in pick times
  • 1500% increase in order volume

Start a 3PL Two Weeks Before Black Friday? It’s Possible with ShipHero.

Good Company was approached by a large dinnerware supplier that needed a 3PL, just a few weeks before Black Friday.

They would be Good Company’s first ever 3PL client and there was no room for error. Good Company needed a solution that could easily integrate with Shopify, and that would scale with them as they were looking to grow quickly. This was just the beginning. Enter ShipHero. With Warehouse Management Software that can serve 3PLs just as well as brands, and a direct integration with Shopify, it was the obvious choice. After the first sales call and then onboarding, it became apparent that ShipHero was the right solution.

A Multi-Tool for Your Business

“ShipHero checked all the boxes,” said Chad Carlton, the founder of Good Company. “All the fundamentals are there.”

Good Company found that the seamless integration with Shopify was just the beginning of how ShipHero could make their 3PL work better than ever. With an average of six items per order and over 2,000 SKUs, ShipHero’s multi-item batch feature was key to making their warehouse team’s lives easier. “We were able to slash pick times in half,” Carlton said.

“ShipHero for the money, service level and support there is no comparable offering. ShipHero is the multi-tool in our belt.”

Moving Beyond Basics

Good Company was able to use many of ShipHero’s most helpful features to increase their revenue and build a reputation for good work. “We went from shipping out 500 to 600 units a day to 6,000 to 10,000 units a day. That was all built on the back of ShipHero managing the nuts and bolts of the organization,” Carlton said.

Dynamic slotting and rate shopping proved their value as quickly as multi-item batch and the seamless Shopify integration. With these tools, Good Company was able to build their business without a website or a name. Their outstanding work and service levels were all the promotion they needed.

Helping Clients to Help Themselves

Because ShipHero is intuitive and easy-to-use, Good Company clients have all they need to help themselves. “The ability to teach new customers how to use the software so they can help themselves is a huge difference maker,” Carlton said. “ShipHero’s client facing transparency and the dashboard that it delivers to clients has been probably the best wow factor when prospecting new customers.”

Growth is On its Way

Chad Carlton believes that the future is bright for Good Company. “The intent is to continue to scale – we will go multi-warehouse – will go to more LTL fulfillment to become more well-rounded … go more omnichannel to contact more traditional brick and mortar retailers …”

“With so much growth on the horizon, it’s important to know that your partners are in it for the long haul. The leadership, the service levels, they all inspire confidence that we needn’t be concerned that ShipHero will no longer grow to satisfy our current and future needs.”

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