From Flexibility to Fulfillment: Canadian Tire’s eCommerce Leap

  • Implemented BOPIS & Curbside Pickup
  • Provided additional brands with eCommerce presence

When Brands Need a Full-Scale Warehouse & Fulfillment Solution, They Turn to ShipHero

Canadian brands, like Canadian Tire, know the importance of utilizing a full-service solution provider like ShipHero. As its business grew, and it looked to expand the sales and reach of its sister brands, like Pro Hockey Life, Canadian Tire turned to the super powered rock stars at ShipHero to grow their operations.

What Canadian Tire Needed

In order to make the most of its eCommerce operations, Canadian Tire identified the following needs when looking for a solutions partner:

  • Flexibility
  • Agility
  • Team Training
  • Speed
  • Collaboration
  • Support

Canadian Tire would also need a partner that could adapt quickly and help stand-up their eCommerce DTC solution within 4 months. ShipHero was soon identified as the logistics partner with all of this functionality.

How ShipHero has Super-Powered Canadian Tire’s Retail Operations

Full-service Warehouse Management System

With a short implementation timeframe, ShipHero brought Canadian Tire’s warehouse online fast to handle DTC eCommerce. Canadian Tire can now ship directly to consumers from its warehouses.

In-Store Retail Fulfillment

Once the DTC eCommerce business was rolling, ShipHero partnered with Canadian Tire to launch their in-store eCommerce fulfillment process, allowing revenue growth during the pandemic. This allowed for Buy Online, Pick Up In Store and Curbside Pick Up – a totally new revenue stream for Canadian Tire.

Optimized for a New eCommerce Future

Canadian Tire now has all of the functionality and organization it needs to capitalize on the new frontier of eCommerce. Whether fulfilling orders and shipping direct-to-consumers from its warehouse or picking and packing orders for in-store or curbside pickup, Canadian Tire and their family of brands can now serve all of its customers in the ways they prefer.

With ShipHero, Canadian Tire unlocked its in-store potential and found revenue growth and increased ROI even as other retailers floundered. With these newfound superpowers, it’s no wonder that Canadian Tire is leading the eCommerce charge, whether in-store, in-person or online.

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