How ECOMSPACES Boosted Efficiency and Client List 5x

  • 5x Increase in Client Acquisition
  • 10x Increase in Shipments per Day

Necessity Rules the Warehouse

Life rarely goes as planned. And if you own your business, unexpected events can send you scrambling. This is the situation Maïré Rosa found herself in during a family emergency. “I was trying to work full-time from Puerto Rico with my phone and laptop, and I just thought, ‘This is not sustainable,’ Maïré said.

Enter ShipHero. Our end-to-end Warehouse Management System is perfect for 3PLs, like Maïré’s ecomspaces, due to the special features we have specifically meant to manage clients. By getting our software up and running in their facility, ecomspaces was able to provide visibility to their clients, and Maïré found that her day was much less about putting out fires and answering easy questions and more focused on what she needed to grow her business. 

“Customers can manage everything on their account,” Maïré said. “The customer portal is a game changer for us.”

Taking the Plunge

“I’d had my eye on ShipHero for a while,” Rosa confided. “But it was expensive.” 

That’s true, but we know how much our product can help growing 3PLs like ecomspaces. And that it will pay off. “It’s worth the investment,” Rosa said. “It’s allowed us to increase our daily order volume by 10x. And our client list by 5x.”

Rosa credits bulk ship as a significant benefit for her and her pickers and their increased output. Plus, billing automation has led to a streamlined process making it easier to bill clients and know that those charges are accurate and current. “Billing was a nightmare before. Now, it’s so much easier.”


“It’s allowed us to increase our daily order volume by 10x. And our client list by 5x.”

Maïré Rosa


Keeping an Eye on Inventory

Inventory management was also a pain point for ecomspaces before ShipHero. Their previous solution had no real inventory module to speak of, and tracking products was a headache. “It’s one of the primary reasons I wanted ShipHero,” Rosa said.

Rosa is also a pretty tech-savvy owner/operator and was ready to hit the ground running when it came to onboarding. “I love the Monday board,” she said. “I could just go in and do all the tasks. We were ready to ship with ShipHero in a week!

“It’s also so much easier to train new people on the system,” Rosa continued. “I used to be the only person who could troubleshoot issues or get answers for clients. Now, I can easily train someone else to offer support.”

Growing and Growing

Rosa says that ecomspaces is experiencing incredible growth. “I have a waiting list of clients,” she said. “We have 50 right now and are working to bring on more once we have the room and the headcount.” She also noted that allowing clients to use their own shipping accounts allows for better cash flow, making it easier to grow the business faster.

“If we use our shipping accounts, we have to wait to get paid before we can move forward,” Rosa said. “For slightly larger accounts that already have their own shipping accounts, the ability to hook up their account instead of ours keeps the cash flow working for us.”

Rosa is excited about the future and sees ShipHero as a key to growth. “It’s not a complicated system, and the ease of use means we can really leverage all that ShipHero’s software is capable of. Plus, they’re constantly releasing updates that make sense and are needed!”

ShipHero works with 3PLs just like ecomspaces to streamline processes and give them control of their warehouse operations. We’d love to help you do more with your warehouse – contact our team today to sign up for a demo. 

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