DFTBA’s Journey to eCommerce Zen

  • Already low error rate decreased by 57%
  • Eliminated operational bottlenecks

DFTBA Simplified their Operations and Maximized their Efficiency with ShipHero

DFTBA (Don’t Forget to be Awesome), a retail merchandise eCommerce website that features products from digital creators, had hit a wall with their prior shipping solution, ShipStation in 2020. With monthly orders ballooning to over 56,000, ShipStation was no longer able to keep up with their demand, creating bottlenecks that prevented orders from going out on time and killing their efficiency. Enter ShipHero. With our shipping software on steroids, ShipHero offered DFTBA the ability to scale at the rate of their skyrocketing growth, simplify their operations and maximize their efficiency

Not So Awesome

DFTBA realized they needed a new shipping software solution when they had to wait as every label was printed out one by one – manually! Realizing that the Warehouse Manager and Operations Manager couldn’t take a day off without everything screeching to a halt was another wake-up call. Here’s what DFTBA needed.

  • Speedier solution with streamlined inventory management
  • Reliable, historical and accessible inventory records
  • Organized solution with easy input and output

On the Road to Awesome

By partnering with ShipHero, DFTBA eliminated their operational bottlenecks making it easier to pick, pack and ship orders. Even with the inclusion of new hardware and a new system to learn, their packers adapted quickly and soon understood ShipHero’s value.

They also realized that eCommerce shipping didn’t have to be so dang hard when using ShipHero’s automation rules and bulkship features. “Bulkship is huge,” Josh Bartholomew, DFTBA’s Warehouse Manager told us. We feel that pretty much sums it up, but he went on to explain, “It’s our most used feature.”

DFTBA also touted ShipHero’s support team (which we kind of figured they would, but it was nice to hear). “I’m impressed with the support,” Josh said. “As long as we report the problem, it gets fixed right away.”

“Our experience with the Client Success Team at ShipHero since the day we started implementation has been fantastic,” Abi Rein, DFTBA’s Operations Manager said. Abi mentioned three of ShipHero’s superstars, Mike, Cathy and Brett for their commitment to getting DFTBA onboarded and running smoothly. This team of heroes was able to get DFTBA up and running in 6 weeks.

Awesome Results Lead to Success

Since implementing ShipHero, DFTBA has been able to shrink their already small error rate. Before ShipHero, they had on average 86 shipping errors on a monthly basis; after ShipHero they got it down to 37. That’s a decrease in error rate of 57%!

“ShipHero was our first and only choice,” Abi said. With DFTBA’s partnership and commitment, ShipHero has been able to help DFTBA organize their inventory and speed up their shipping process.

When asked if they would recommend ShipHero to other eCommerce retailers, both Abi and Josh enthusiastically agreed. “Yes, for sure. Moving to ShipHero is a no-brainer,” Abi said. “The larger your business gets, the more beneficial ShipHero is.”

“If you’re working out of your garage with your spouse, maybe use ShipStation. If you’re growing, use ShipHero,” Josh agreed.

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