ShipHero Software FAQs

Have a question about how ShipHero’s WMS works? Browse the FAQs below for the answer.

ShipHero WMS Capabilities

What does ShipHero’s Warehouse Management Software do?

ShipHero’s Warehouse Management Software (WMS) is an end-to-end warehouse management, cloud-based software solution that handles receiving, inventory, picking, packing and shipping. Our software is packed with features that make it easier for your brand to run your warehouse. These features include: automation rules, mobile pick & pack, ParcelView, returns management, inventory management, carrier rate shopping, and more.

For details regarding pricing for our brands, please click here.

We also work for 3PLs. Our software works for 3PLs in just the same way it works for brands while providing the billing and customer portal management you need. For details about our 3PL pricing, please click here.

How does the Warehouse Management Software manage inventory more effectively than other WMS options?

ShipHero has many features that allow for better and more flexible inventory management. Our dynamic and static slotting allows for easier putaway and keeps like products together, while our cycle counting feature allows clients to manage their inventory counts on their own schedule. It also allows for the ability to assign specific users and decide if you want to count by location or SKU. For more details on the specifics of our inventory management features in our software, please click here.

What are automation rules and how do you use them?

Automation rules are an awesome and easy way to take the guesswork out of order management in your warehouse. You can also personalize your unboxing experience by adding special touches to certain packages. For more details about automation rules, please click here.

Does ShipHero WMS handle returns?

ShipHero has a native self service returns portal, as well as direct integrations with companies like Loop Returns and Returnly to make it as easy as possible for you and your warehouse to handle returns. For more information about Returns Management in ShipHero, click here.

Does ShipHero partner with _____?

ShipHero has partnerships with some of the largest eCommerce players. Our complete list partners are available here.

What 3rd Party Apps or Programs does ShipHero integrate with?

ShipHero integrates with dozens of partners to include even more functionality within our Warehouse Management Software (WMS). A complete list of our integration partners can be found here.

Does ShipHero have an open API?

Yes, ShipHero does have an open API. If you would like to use our open API, you can access it here. You can also access our developer community here.

I want to add a note to my packages when they are over a certain dollar amount. Is there a way to do that with ShipHero?

Yes! ShipHero’s automation rules make it easy to select certain triggers that will prompt an action in the warehouse during the packing process. For more details about automation rules, please click here.

I want to make sure that packages eligible for free shipping only ship the cheapest way possible. Can I do that with ShipHero?

Yes, you can! This Knowledge Base article outlines the different steps, but here’s a quick rundown. In ShipHero, you can automatically map how you want each order to ship. You have three options you can map to:

  • A particular shipping method, such as UPS Ground
  • The cheapest available option
  • The cheapest available option that will get to the customer within a certain number of business days.
What is carrier rate shopping?

Carrier rate shopping is a feature in ShipHero that finds the current cheapest carrier for packages as they are being packed. For more details about setting up your shipping methods and carrier rate shopping, click here.

What type of hardware does ShipHero support?

ShipHero’s mobile app is currently only supported on iOS devices. However, our desktop software can be run on Windows or iOS. For a full list of supported hardware, please click here.


What is included in the monthly charge for brands using the Standard package?

ShipHero’s Standard plan includes returns, customizable automations, carrier rate shopping, training and 24/7 Client Support, plus warehouse routing, multiple store connections, lot and expiration, and allows for unlimited orders. Find out more about the ShipHero Software Standard package by clicking here.

What is included in the monthly charge for brands using the Enterprise package?

ShipHero’s Enterprise software plan includes all the features of the Standard package, along with a sandbox account, contracting options and an increased API rate. Learn more about Enterprise pricing and the included features here.

What is included in the monthly charge for 3PLs when using the 3PL package?

ShipHero’s 3PL warehouse software includes features such as marketplace listing, unlimited customer portals and SKUs, and 3PL billing management. To find out more about ShipHero’s plan for 3PLs, click the link here.

I have a question about my charge from ShipHero. Who can I contact?

ShipHero software clients can contact our support team here. You can also find more billing information at our software Knowledge Base by clicking here.

I have a question about how to bill my clients (3PL). Who can I contact?

For questions about billing clients and how to automate the billing process, please refer to our “how-to” page here. For more questions about customer billing in the ShipHero software, schedule a call with one of our support staff here.


I have an urgent issue that cannot wait. How can I get in touch with someone right away?

ShipHero clients have 24/7 access to Software Support through our in-app ticketing system. For general questions on billing, returns or inventory management, please see our software support center by clicking here.

What is the best way to contact Client Support?

The best way to contact our Client Support team is by navigating to the ticket system in the ShipHero app. Our support team is available 8 am-9 pm EST Monday-Friday and 8 am-2 pm EST on Saturday. For specific inquiries you can reach a software expert here.

Is there a specific email for Client Support?

The client support team, available 8 am-9 pm EST Monday-Friday and 8 am-2 pm EST on Saturday, can be reached directly at

Can I call someone in Client Support?

The best way to contact Client Support is by filing a ticket on the ShipHero app. You can find out how to submit a ticket here. While there is no direct dial for our support staff, you can schedule a call with a Customer Success Manager to get your questions answered.

I have questions about ShipHero’s open API. Who can I contact?

For more information on ShipHero’s open API, you can visit our software API resource page here. You can also ask questions and engage with other developers at our API community forum by clicking here.

My developer has questions about ShipHero’s API. Who can they get in touch with?

For direct support regarding ShipHero’s open API, you can contact our development team at For community support and questions from other developers, you can visit our API community forum here.