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An On-Demand Returns Portal Makes Returns Easy

Loop has perfected the art of the return. What can be a retail disappointment is turned into a quick and painless return process, with the chance for eCommerce retailers to analyze data and learn from returns. An easy-to-use exchange portal also makes it easier for Loop clients to right a wrong by allowing customers to exchange the wrong order quickly and easily.

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ShipHero + Loop = Success!

As a ShipHero client, here’s what the Loop integration can do for you.

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Data on the Backend

Customer data provided from the Loop portal makes it easy for customers to analyze items that are being returned and the reasons why

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Re-Stock and Re-Sell Capabilities

Returned items are tracked via ShipHero’s inventory management system and then returned to stock to be resold

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Custom Integration

Loop built their integration with ShipHero, being sure to customize it so that it brings the most value to clients

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Still have questions?

Contact our Client Support team HERE if you’d like more information about Loop or the specifics of the ShipHero/Loop integration.

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