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Canada, US

A Smarter Way To Fulfill.
Chuck Is Smart

Chuck uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to help your associates work faster. Chuck leads your associates through their work zones to help them minimize walking, stay on task, and work more efficiently. Chuck can be used in all put-away, picking, counting, replenishment, and sorting tasks.

Chuck Is Agile

Chuck doesn’t need wires, cables, or stickers to move around. State-of-the-art sensors help it navigate in any warehouse without any new infrastructure. Chuck is aware of its surroundings, moving swiftly around boxes and racks and slowing down when equipment or people are in the area.

Chuck Is A Workhorse

Chuck doesn’t get tired and can run 24/7 with the latest in battery technology for rapid recharging. With large, modular and multi-level workspaces, Chuck is the most configurable collaborative mobile robot in the industry and can handle up to 200 lbs / 90.7 kg payload.

7 Reasons Why Warehouse Robots Beat Traditional Automation

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"We set the bar pretty high for success, with a service level of 99% ship next day. We constantly achieve that."

Carmine Bosco, AVP Supply Chain, Canadian Tire

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