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Send your products across the world with ShipHero & Sendcloud

Sendcloud is a leading shipping carrier platform that covers Europe, supporting 3 dozen carriers. These carriers are some of the biggest names in European shipping, including Deutsche Post, DHL Express, DPD, GLS, PostNL, RoyalMail and more. Sendcloud also comes with an extra, personal touch – they have established relationships with on-the-ground, last mile carriers to provide a better customer experience in the crucial last mile phase.

See a full list of Sendcloud’s Shipping Carriers HERE.

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Sendcloud + ShipHero = Success!

One-click integrations make it easier for ShipHero clients to use the most recognizable shipping carriers across Europe.

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On-the-Ground Partners

Sendcloud has developed close working relationships with last mile delivery partners in Europe. This added layer of understanding is a better customer experience.

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Your Shipping Carrier Accounts

As a client, you bring your own shipping carrier accounts with you and connect them within ShipHero’s user interface in a few clicks.

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Integration with the Biggest Carriers

Sendcloud has partnered with the biggest European shipping carriers. This gives ShipHero clients the ability to reach all of their European customers.

ShipHero has over 100 million packages shipped and handles more than $10 billion in shipped orders.

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Still have questions?

Contact our Client Support team if you’d like more information about Sendcloud or the specifics of the ShipHero/Sendcloud integration.

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