B2B Fulfillment Made Easy with ShipHero

ShipHero’s WMS has the power to make your B2B business soar. A direct integration with SPS Commerce brings the functionality of wholesale fulfillment to your warehouse. Meet compliance guidelines, print container labels, and take advantage of drop shipping to help your B2B brand grow.


How the SPS Commerce Integration Works

ShipHero is SPS Commerce’s prime WMS. By using the SPS integration within ShipHero’s WMS, eCommerce wholesale brands will be able to receive and fulfill orders to retailers that comply with all their requirements.

Features of the SPS/ShipHero Partnership

  • Importing POs (EDI 850) – No more transcribing orders.
  • Support for a large amount of retailers: Anything SPS Commerce can handle, ShipHero can handle too
  • Printing branded packing slips: No customizing invoices or meticulously matching retailer requirements
  • Support for 3PL level SPS accounts: We can map orders by SPS trading partner ID to specific clients
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Case and Pallet Picking makes fulfilling wholesale orders easier than ever.

ShipHero’s WMS allows for full case and pallet picking to make fulfilling wholesale orders easy and accurate. No need to count each sku per piece, you can instead pick full cases and get them ready for labeling and shipment.

The Power of B2B with the Ease of B2C

ShipHero has taken its already industry-leading B2C inventory and warehouse management system and applied those same principles to B2B

Shipping B2B doesn’t have to be complicated. With an easy-to-use interface and a direct integration with SPS Commerce, ShipHero is now equipped to make your wholesale shipments easy to manage. Explore how ShipHero is taking B2B fulfillment to the next level by talking with a ShipHero B2B Expert today.