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ShipHero Fulfillment Case Study: Loog Guitars

Loog Guitars was a 2-man operation for almost a decade. Starting in 2010, after his partner dreamed up the idea for his Master’s thesis at New York University (NYU), Edgard Barilas joined his friend on the journey to helping kids learn to play the guitar. After two nearly disastrous shipping and fulfillment errors with their prior 3PL, Loog Guitars knew they needed a change to keep their business afloat.

Enter ShipHero. With our full-service fulfillment solution and a direct integration to Shopify, Loog Guitars was able to make the switch with peace of mind. They also knew ShipHero could handle single unit orders which is a large part of their direct-to-consumer (DTC) business. Add in an endorsement from one of their investors, and it made switching to ShipHero Fulfillment the best choice.

Video Transcript

Right from the beginning, it was a much better match because we were able to to have like more direct communication. Checking the numbers, we already shipped like almost 29,000 orders so far. Last year, almost 34,000 orders.

So, we are already in these few months, already almost at that number with ShipHero. We were able to do a transition of really a lot of inventory. And for us, to have that completed without any issues or events and be ready and ready for fulfilling orders from a new fulfillment center,
people were surprised to say the least. The suggestions and recommendations offered in the beginning about like RedSky, FlavorCloud, connections with other partners to basically allow us to be even more successful. It allows us to actually ship at a lower rate and shipping cost for our customers than what we used to offer before. But also included with duties and taxes so that not only because of its already even lower cost, but also it’s a much better service and much better experience for our customers for international.

So we actually started trying Canada and the results so far have been great. One thing that really amazed me is the PostHero feature, which is one of the key things nowadays for supply chain is having visibility and that really offers that.

So, I was really impressed about that. So far, I’m very happy with how we’re working.

Video Transcript
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