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ShipHero's powerful warehouse management software
  • NWe serve more than 10% of Shopify plus stores globally
  • NOver 100 million packages shipped
  • NMore than $10 billion in shipped orders
  • N#1 Rated Leader in G2 momentum report

Critical Integrations & Partners

ShipHero is integrated with the leading eCommerce, marketplace, shipping and robotics platforms.
Connect ShipHero with any of these systems – it’s really easy – no manual processes!

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Connect, Pack & Track with Scalable Shipping Software

Easily integrate your online store to ShipHero's warhouse management software

1. Connect Your Stores & Get Ready for Orders

With integrations for some of the biggest online stores, including Shopify and Walmart, all you need is to connect your storefronts with ShipHero’s software. Bring in your carrier accounts and you’re ready to ship. In just a few clicks you’ll be ready to go.

Track your warehouse progress for accurate picking, packing and shipping

2. Pick, Pack and Ship Your Orders

Orders seamlessly flow to your Pickers, Packers and Shippers for accurate and efficient processing. Mobile Picking, Real-Time Carrier Rate Shopping and Bulkship make the fulfillment process in your warehouse faster, easier, and more accurate.

Optimize your warehouse and track orders with ShipHero's warehouse management software

3. Review Your Progress and Optimize Your Warehouse

We provide you with real-time monitoring to help you make intelligent decisions. Use the Hero Board, for real time in-warehouse insights to improve your order processing. Detailed reporting gives you insights to employee productivity, Sales and COGs.

What ShipHero Offers


Our powerful inventory management and shipping software offers options and features that make your life easier!

Orders & Returns

Orders & Returns

One-click integrations with eCommerce heavy hitters like Shopify+ and Returnly, make it easier than ever to manage orders and returns.

  • Seamless store integrations
  • Order tracking and shipment notifications
  • Automation rules, including smart warehouse routing, shipping mapping method and validation

Learn more about Orders & Returns

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Constant communication with your sales channel and ShipHero means your inventory will never be off again. Get up-to-the-minute information about what’s in stock, what’s sold out and what needs to be replenished - never miss a sale again!

  • Multi-warehouse and order allocation
  • Multiple warehouse support
  • Location management
  • Purchase orders and receiving
  • Re-order and replenishment level setting
  • Cycle counting
  • Kitting
  • Logs and reports
  • Putaway

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Mobile Pick & Pack

Your pickers will be sent into the warehouse with mobile tech that makes picking faster and more efficient. Barcode scanning cuts error rates by 99.9% - that’s awesome!

  • Intuitive interface available via iOS
  • Optimized and guided pick routes
  • Automatic batch creation
  • Individual logins
  • BulkShip
  • Error reduction
  • User data reports

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Rate Shopping

Save on postage by using ShipHero’s real-time ship rate shopping. You’ll always find the cheapest carrier label which will save you money - cha ching!

  • Multi-carrier integration
  • Real-time rate shopping and label creatio

Learn more about Rate Shopping

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Built-in reporting features cover everything from COGS to Picker/Packer Efficiency to Replenishment. Custom reports are available by working with ShipHero’s Client Solutions Team - we’ve got you covered!

  • Inventory reporting
  • Operational reporting
  • Shipments reporting
  • Efficiency reporting
  • Sales reporting

Learn more about Reports

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Our warehouse management software works for 3PLs too, making it easier than ever to manage multiple clients. Plus, 3PLs get all the benefits of ShipHero’s warehouse routing and inventory distribution, carrier rate shopping and our outstanding Client Support Team!

  • 3PL Customer portal
  • 3PL Finder listing
  • Access to open API
  • Sandbox account for testing
  • Unlimited SKUs and orders
  • Dynamic slotting
  • Kitting

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ShipHero Warehouse Management Software (WMS) Plan Options

From small growing eCommerce brands to advanced warehouses, ShipHero has the perfect WMS plan for you.

ShipHero Standard Plan

ShipHero standard brand helps scale through advanced, end-to-end inventory and warehouse management.

For eCommerce brands looking to scale through advanced, end-to-end inventory and warehouse management. Pricing starts at $1,850/month.

ShipHero Enterprise Plan

For high volume eCommerce brands that need visibility and control of inventory and operations.

For high volume eCommerce brands that need visibility and control of inventory and operations. Find out more about this plan and the available customer pricing options.

ShipHero 3PL Plan

ShipHero 3PL Plan makes it easy for warehouses to manage inventory and automate tasks

For 3PLs that need to make it easy for warehouses to manage inventory, automate routine tasks, and deliver complete visibility to their customers. Pricing starts at $1,995/month.