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Are you looking to switch to a flexible, scalable, high performance warehouse management software? The choice for your next WMS is simple! ShipHero has been ranked #1 in G2 Momentum Grid® Report for Shipping Software, Fall 2021.

We outperformed our competition in every area of growth. Get the full report today!

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Shiphero is awesome

"Game Changer! We looked at over 10 WMS systems for months and went through tons of training, and nothing even came close to ShipHero. We wanted to make sure with a move like this is was worth it. After finally switching over to ShipHero we quickly realized we should have done it years early. It is even better than we expected."


"ShipHero can do it all and their team is extremely helpful in leading my team to confidence on their platform. Ultimately, ShipHero is a complex and powerful tool that should not be underestimated. With ShipHero we focus on "How to do X?," rather than "Is X possible?," because more often than not: Yes, with ShipHero it is possible."


"I am speaking to all of my fellow Shopify store owners in order to confirm that the hype is real. ShipHero came highly recommended and they have absolutely lived up to their 5-star reputation. ShipHero is constantly releasing new and useful features and because it is a cloud-based software, I instantly have access to these new features with no additional fees. If you sell through multiple vendors there is no doubt in my mind that this is the inventory management software for you."

"Switching warehouse management systems is a scary proposition. Especially when you have millions in the warehouse and are going right into the busiest season. After about 6 weeks we went from signing a contract to being live. And now after only 3 weeks on the platform we are already saving time and money."

Kong Beer Bong

"Fantastic app; is helping us break down the barriers when it comes to scaling an eCommerce business. Their Bulk shipping feature is a necessity for brands scaling around a hero product. Onboarding is incredibly easy and painless."


Ditch the unconnected apps and random spreadsheets. Manage your orders and inventory through a single, easy-to-use tool.

Order Management

Never have a late shipment again. 

Store Integration – Connect your Amazon, Shopify or other e-commerce store for a centralized place to manage your orders.

Order Tracking – With a click, receive order information and push tracking numbers. Update products and inventory just as easily.

Label Printing – Always find the cheapest label and easily generate direct shipping method mapping, international customs and returns label.

Automation Rules (AR) – Configure automation rules based on order and product tags from Shopify, so your pick-pack team can come into the warehouse and immediately start picking orders.

AR & Smart Warehouse Routing – Automatically assign orders to any number of locations as soon as they come in.

AR & Shipping Method Mapping – Automatically populate required ship date and choose shipping method. ShipHero creates the batches, so pickers never get orders that are not ready to ship.

AR & Validation – For address validation, fraud detection, and more, hold or flag orders for inspection based on preset or custom rules.


Inventory Management

Tracking, replenishment, and reporting… all in one place. 

Multi-Warehouse and Order Allocations – Manage how products are automatically allocated to orders. Keep tabs on availability vs on-hand.

Set Re-Order and Replenishment Levels – Set replenishment levels for each product, with notifications that keep you on top of what needs re-ordering.

Cycle Counting – Define timeframes to conduct cycle counts, set product to be excluded and conduct counts directly from the mobile app.

Kitting – Create bundles, kits and subscription boxes in bulk with ease.

Logs & Reports – Know your product´s every move as well as your next, with inventory logs, change reports and sales-by-sku.

Putaway (Mobile App) – Save time and money by increasing the efficiency of your warehouse and limiting errors in the putaway process. For more details, click HERE.


Mobile Pick and Pack

Mobile tools designed to help your team go paperless and improve warehouse operations.

Intuitive Interface – Within 24 hours, your team will master the pick-and-pack app, and you’ll be on your way to reducing paper waste.

Guided Pick Routes – With picking routes, images of products, and clear instruction, give everyone the information they need in the palm of their hand.

Automatic Batch Creation – Pickers can request batches that are dynamically created directly from the mobile app.

Individual Logins – For added security, ease of use, and productivity tracking, everyone can log in with their own pin code.

BulkShip – Prepare bulk orders for pick-pack with far less manual overhead with ShipHero’s exclusive BulkShip feature.

Reduce Errors – With barcode and scan-based processes, your pick-pack operations have double the quality assurance to minimize errors.

User Data Reports – Get pick-pack efficiency data for each user to identify your superstars and provide support/training where needed.


Real-Time Carrier Rate Shopping

Find better shipping rates for every order you ship, including returns. A regular label generator won’t give you that.

Multi-Carrier Integration – Connect your shipping carriers directly and use your negotiated rates or take advantage of ours. 

Get the Cheapest Rates – Set rules for shipments, use the built-in rate shipper for the cheapest rates and continually optimize with ongoing shipment reports.

Smart Labels – Record every packed item with smart labels, so you know what’s shipped in every box.


Returns Management

Create a frictionless returns experience for your customer, and your team.

Self-Service Returns – Make returns easy with a self-service returns center on your website. 

Pre-Printed Returns Labels – Set the rules on which orders should include a pre-printed returns shipping label if you don’t want customers printing their own labels.

Mark Final Sales – Designate products for final sale and they won’t be eligible for returns.

Exchanges & Refunds – Quickly process exchange orders or refunds directly in ShipHero.


Reports and Insight

Understand every element of your warehouse at work, with actionable data that matters.

Inventory Reporting – Track log changes, identify stale product, and know the real-time value of your inventory. 

Operational Reporting – Day-to-day reports designed to improve warehouse efficiency, such as quick replenishment, error reports, and managing FEFO/FIFO workflows.

Shipments Reporting – Know your actual shipping costs, and know how much to charge your customers for delivery.

Efficiency Reporting – Measure each team member’s productivity and identify your star performers.

Sales Reporting – Get a high-level view of your sales and revenue.


Supercharge your 3PL

We’ve built the tools 3PLs use to compete & win new business.

Customer Dashboard – Your customers get access to their own dashboard, order view, inventory view and reports. 

Permission Controls – Customers can create and assign users to their portal with built-in permission groups.

Inventory Visibility – Give your customers real-time visibility into inventory, low stock notifications and the ability to create purchase orders.

Reports & Insight – Access all the reports that help your customer run a smarter business.

Shipping Carriers


Other Integrations
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