ShipHero Fulfillment Center in Salt Lake City, Utah

ShipHero’s full-service Fulfillment solution has a warehouse in Salt Lake City, UT making it the perfect hub for packages traveling to the Western, Southwestern and Pacific Northwestern areas of the United States.

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The Salt Lake City warehouse is optimized for picking, packing and shipping at lightning speeds. Its central location also makes it a great option for businesses, regardless of their headquarters or home base.

ShipHero’s Salt Lake City, UT Warehouse is located at: 2507 S. 300 W., Salt Lake City, UT 84115.

How ShipHero Full-Service Fulfillment Works

Give ShipHero Your Inventory, And Let Us Do the Work.

ShipHero’s full-service Fulfillment solution is meant to take the pain and stress of eCommerce fulfillment off your plate and give you time back to do other things – like grow your business and generate revenue. Or even take a vacation – you deserve it!

Our proven process works and has worked for dozens of Fort Worth and Dallas-based clients before you. Here’s how ShipHero does fulfillment.

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Send your inventory to a single warehouse.

It’s easy – just send all your products to a single warehouse. We have warehouses near the major ports and in the middle of the country that you can send to.
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Simple pricing with no gotchas.

We offer transparent pricing – no set up fees, full control – pick, pack, box and postage included.
And NO ZONE shipping.

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Stress-free shipping.

We ship your orders the same day and we ship from a warehouse close to your customer. We care about your business – we have 3x the number of employees working in Client Support than in Sales.

Benefits of ShipHero’s Outsourced Fulfillment Solution

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Salt Lake City brands, if you want to reduce shipping costs, shrink delivery windows and increase customer satisfaction, working with a fulfillment partner like ShipHero is your best option.
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Want to Know More About ShipHero Fulfillment?

Talk to one of our fulfillment experts today. Or take a look at our outstanding client reviews on Trustpilot & the Shopify App Store.

If you’re ready to outsource your shipping and re-focus on growing your business, ShipHero Fulfillment is ready for you.

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