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Scott Thomas

Vice President Sales, FaaS

Scott Thomas is the Vice President of FaaS Sales for ShipHero. He is responsible for aligning the sales team with other areas of the business to achieve maximum results. He ensures the sales teams have all the necessary tools and coaching they need to reach their highest potential. He will also drive sales to ShipHero’s national and international warehouses. Thomas’ greatest strength is the ability to motivate, energize and understand what is necessary for success. He is in tune with current market conditions and can recognize where opportunities are the greatest. As a leader, Thomas is dedicated to acting as a sales coach with a servant mentality while always looking to build upon success. He is also determined to lead growth through empowerment and collaboration. His passion lies in celebrating and recognizing employee success. When he is not busy growing the Fulfillment business at ShipHero, Thomas focuses on diversity, sales learning and epilepsy awareness.