DFTBA.com Cut Their Error Rate by 57% Since Switching from ShipStation to ShipHero.

“Switching from ShipStation to ShipHero was easy! We don’t have to waste time manually printing labels anymore & our error rate has been cut in half.”

Abi Rein, Operations Manager, DFTBA.com

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Increased Picking Efficiency

Are You Ready to Grow Your Business?

Have you hit a wall with your current warehouse management software? Are you just unable to grow? ShipHero is the shipping software solution to turn to.

This is exactly what happened to DFTBA (Don’t Forget to be Awesome), a retail merchandise eCommerce website that features products from digital creators. They hit a wall with ShipStation in 2020.

With monthly orders ballooning to over 56,000, ShipStation was no longer able to keep up with their demand, creating bottlenecks that prevented orders from going out on time and killing their efficiency.

Enter ShipHero. Our shipping software decreased their error rate by 57% and gave them the capability to continue to grow. “Moving to ShipHero is a no-brainer,” Abi Rein, DFTBA’s Operations Manager said. “The larger your business gets, the more beneficial ShipHero is.”

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Change is hard – we get it. But not changing can be worse.

Holding Onto the Past Ruins Your Future

Whether you’re currently using a homegrown system, another solution or spreadsheets, there are a few universal signs that it might be time to change your shipping software

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You Can’t Scale Your Business.

We’ve already mentioned this one, but if you just can’t ship more than a certain number of orders a month, it’s probably your software that’s holding you back.

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Your Current Software is Too Complicated.

How quickly can you train up new employees to work with your current inventory and order management software? Or is there only a handful of people in your company who know the system well enough to teach others? Those are two massive clues that your current shipping software is far too complicated.

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Your Current Software Can’t Talk to Other Programs You Use.

The biggest issue with older software, no matter what it’s used for, is that functionality has changed so fast, it can’t keep up. If your current warehouse management software (WMS) can’t communicate with your other shipping and inventory systems, it’s outdated. You’ll never have the accurate information you need to stay ahead.

  • We serve more than 10% of Shopify plus stores globally
  • Over 100 million packages shipped
  • More than $10 billion in shipped orders
  • #1 Rated Leader in G2 momentum report

Wanna Be #1?

When you switch, you’ll not only be working with shipping software that’s helped thousands of other brands, you’ll also be working with the #1 Shipping Software solution per the G2 Momentum Grid® Report for Shipping Software, Fall 2021.

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Risk-free –
pay as you go.

Enjoy your ShipHero software risk-free with our money-back guarantee and pay as you go model – no annual commitments. Give it a try for 30 days—if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your money in full.

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