ShipHero fulfills more Shopify orders than any other 3PL solution. Manage inventory, orders, pick & pack, shipping & billing backed by great support & our unique marketplace.
ShipHero fulfills more Shopify orders than any other 3PL solution. We help 3PLs manage inventory, orders, pick & pack, shipping & billing backed by great support & our unique 3PL marketplace.

ShipHero 3PL WMS is the operational backbone of 3PLs large & small the world over.

If you're struggling with growth, errors or complicated software that doesn't get ecommerce, we may be able to help.

We’re Battle Tested

ShipHero is built for ecommerce. You’re ready when your customers’ campaign goes viral.

Great for Teams

Manage your team, set permissions, track activity and give them the tools that empower instead of confuse.

Automate Tedium

Never miss a beat with automation rules that can set shipping, assign boxes, add instructions, change line items and the list goes on.

No Paper Pick Lists

Arm your warehouse team with an easy to use, intuitive yet powerful mobile app for picking and warehouse management. No paper.

Printers & Scales

Invoices, shipping labels and barcodes need to be printed. Setup your printers and scales on shared stations that work for your warehouse and team.

Built for Barcodes

Barcodes speed your team up and catch mistakes before they’re a problem. Manage, print and scan products, locations, boxes and command sheets. Beep yes.

Ahem. ShipHero.

Looking to always have the best shipping label for every order you ship out? We’re really good at that. International shipments? Yup. Manifests? Oui. Our name might be a giveaway.

Ready to Help

We have a dedicated team of support agents who are ready to answer your questions and assist. Want some advice? Not sure how to add a printer? We got you.

Your customers' sell everywhere. We've made it easy for you to connect their channels.

ShipHero is built for multi-channel commerce. With a few clicks, you can connect stores and ShipHero will download new products, as well as sync existing ones. When changes are made to inventory, all connected stores will be updated.

Additionally, ShipHero also sends tracking information to the stores whenever orders are shipped so customers get their shipping emails.

We've also made it easier for you to work with customers of all different shapes & sizes.

Ecommerce brands are expecting more from their outsourced fulfillment partners starting with ease of integration with their platforms through speed of order fulfillment and personalized service for their customers.

With ShipHero, it takes a few clicks to get your customers setup. No complicated integrations. Connecting eCommerce stores and shipping carrier accounts take minutes.

Empower Your Customers

Give your customers their own account. No more phone tag or email threads. Manage products & orders, create purchase orders & manage returns in a simple dashboard.

Quick & Easy Setup

ShipHero is built for ecommerce. Quickly invite your customer to their own account and connect their stores and carriers. Technology that helps, not hinders.

Personalize at Scale

Your customers want to deliver personalized orders. Help them do this with automation rules and workflows that make it easy for your team to keep up, and stay personal.

Automation Rules allow you to set your shipping options

Tools that give you the flexibility to handle all variety of demands.

Your customers want flexibility and fulfillment that’s a representation what their customers expect as a brand experience.

Your team needs a single source of inventory truth, organized order priorities, clear instructions that guide them on pick routes, validation as orders are packed as well as any special instructions. Finally, the right shipping labels printed when packing is completed.

Automation, flexible settings and responsive features means you can deliver to your customers expectations, without it being complicated.

Inventory management thats built for ecommerce.

Inventory comes in all shapes, sizes and quantities. Any 3PL WMS worth it’s salt should provide the capabilities of managing product information, location and most of all – accuracy.

ShipHero is built for ecommerce. With a system that is optimized to handle rapid and constant inventory changes that are synced with ecommerce stores. Every move is tracked. Every kit or bundle is calculated.

Inventory Synced

Keep inventory synced on any number of connected stores.

Know Everything

Each product adjustment is tracked, know who did what, when and why.

Location, location, location

Organize inventory with static or dynamic slotting, across multiple warehouses.

Cycle Counted

Continually count inventory and avoid the surprises before there’s an oversell.

Beeping Right

All the tools needed to barcode products and locations.

Need Replenishment?

Manage reorder level notifications, suppliers and create & receive po’s.


Easily manage products that are sold individually or bundled together.


Knowing is half the battle. View inventory changes, sales by sku, stale inventory and cogs.

Run a better warehouse without the rocket science.

Your warehouse is a busy, loud and bustling place. You don’t have the luxury of a fleet of robots or an army of pickers and packers.

ShipHero is your operational backbone that connects your sales channels, shipping carriers and helps you and your team run your best warehouse.

Organize your inventory with static or dynamic slotting, manage pick locations and pick priority.
Pick high volume orders fast, without errors with the mobile batch pick app.
Packers can scan each order, follow the onscreen instructions and quickly ship.
Extensive shipping options give you control over cut-off, as well as manifest generation.
Returns management gives you full control of what can be returned, why and how returns are processed.

Delivering Personalized Ecommerce Fulfillment

"With ShipHero, every single order that gets shipped from our warehouse is shipped correctly."

— Cory, Owner, Flash Fulfillment

Cory Talks Ecommerce 3PL

Automation rules handle the repetitive manual tasks.

Are you repeatedly setting shipping methods, prioritizing orders or assigning a box type?

Save yourself the time doing the repetitive stuff. Automation rules never quit or screw up, they simply do what you tell them to do as soon as an order is received.

Improve order picking speed & accuracy.

Fulfilling orders starts with a simple task. Picking the right products.

Picking many unique orders? ShipHero batch picking guides the picker with the optimized picking route, confirming each product picked. Quickly pick many orders in a single picking run which are sorted ready to pack.

Each picker can follow the onscreen and voice directions guiding an optimized picking route.
Following the onscreen instructions, the picker will pick products, scan the barcode, place them in corresponding totes and once done with the batch, bring those totes to the packers.
With static slotting, inventory can organized into primary locations and overstock locations. Dynamic slotting is an available option which also provides pick priority per location as well as an inventory count in each location.

and for those orders that don't need to be picked.

You need flexibility to process orders in different workflows. When you don’t need to pick orders in batches you can use bulk shipping. This is ideal for large quantities of single item orders. ShipHero gives your team the ability to pick & pack unique orders, or bulk print shipping labels.

With packing that's so easy to use, those orders will fly out the door.

No matter if you need to pack many orders that are the same, or many orders that are different – what matters most for the packer is knowing what needs to be packed (into what).

With ShipHero, you can pinpoint your packing process with pre determined shipping options, custom work flows and automation rules. Minimize the thinking and bring focus to your team so they can make sure each order shipped is shipped right.

Set the rules for chosen shipping options for each order ahead of time. Want the cheapest label? ShipHero will find it for you. Pack and ship the order, let the tech figure the best label.
Easily ship multiple package orders. ShipHero will keep track of what is in each box and provide a packing slip for each box.
Setup your boxes and use automation rules to set boxes or let the packer decide from a menu or by scanning the box barcode.

Optimize every shipment that leaves your warehouse.

Ah yes shipping. The struggle is real.

ShipHero helps you ship smarter, starting with direct shipping carrier connections that allow you to use your rates or your customers. Optimize which shipping carriers and methods are chosen when shipping an order using shipping & automation rules or take advantage of real-time rate pricing that will find the cheapest label for you.

Connected Carriers

Connect your carrier accounts with a few clicks. You can use your negotiated rates or your customers.

Ship With Your Rules

You can control which shipping methods are used based on various rules with method mapping and automation rules.

Ship On-Time

Avoid late orders by prioritizing orders based on expected ship date taking into account shipping method & daily cut-off.

Shipment Tracking

Shipment tracking information is automatically sent to let customers know when their order has been shipped.

Real-time Cheapest

Setup cheapest shipping to compare rates across carriers for each order. Packers only need to focus on packing and printing labels.

Ship International

Skip the customs forms and documentation as they are electronically generated and sent to the shipping carrier.

Manifest Generation

Less grumbling from the carrier or driver with generated manifests based on shipments generated each day.


Know your shipping costs and use this to optimize which methods and carriers you’re using for shipments leaving your warehouse.

Get paid for your services with an easy to setup billing system.

We’ve focused a lot of energy in making one of the most time consuming tasks quick and automated.

Setup billing profiles for your customers and then let ShipHero do the work. From picking fees, to storage, hourly ad hoc charges, shipping or that special packing insert fee.

ShipHero tracks and compiles your invoices for you so all you have to do is get paid.

Our team is dedicated to helping you run your best business.

You are faced with many challenges running a great warehouse. Our company is built on solving these problems with an always improving set of technology tools.  Having run our own warehouses helping many customers run theirs, we know it doesn’t end with technology.

Our solutions and support teams are there to help you solve the little and big problems. From getting setup and trained, to optimizing your daily operations, we’re here to help you get the most out of ShipHero.

and we work hard for your business because we know it's good for ours.

“ShipHero has been a great partner for consolidating our inventory and order management across 100+ Shopify stores.

When looking for a partner, we went through a stringent vetting process of over a dozen vendors in the space. ShipHero's technology, UI, and customer support set them apart.

We look forward to continuing to work with them for years to come.”

Adam HechlerVP of Operations and Finance at Fame House

Helping our customers large & small do (BIG) things everyday.

We're helping ecommerce brands find 3PL partners everyday.

Our mission is to help our customers master ecommerce fulfillment. For our merchants, we provide a unique ability to use 3PLs using ShipHero 3PL. We’re not just solving the operations problems, we’re also partnering with you to help you grow your business and win new customers.

3PL Marketplace

It begins with a conversation.

We’ve been lucky to learn a lot while helping our customers succeed, and it starts with understanding what you need.

Maybe you’re optimizing a multi-node fulfillment operation, with tens of thousands of shipments per day looking to escape bad software, or running an ecommerce business looking to get beyond the warehouse frustration.

Your needs are unique, and we expect that.