ShipHero Fulfillment Center in Jacksonville, Florida

ShipHero’s 2 owned and operated warehouses in Jacksonville, FL are a perfect starting point for inventory heading to the southern, eastern or midwestern parts of the United States.

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Shipping eCommerce gets complicated fast. ShipHero’s full-service Fulfillment solution takes the pain and headache of shipping off our clients’ plates and leaves them more time to build their business.

ShipHero’s Jacksonville, FL Warehouse is located at: 1501 Haines St, Jacksonville, FL 32206.

Warehouse Location
= Strategic Advantage

When talking about shipping eCommerce, most fulfillment companies base everything on shipping zones. These zones cover the United States and determine rates for major carriers. ShipHero Fulfillment is a NO SHIPPING ZONE organization.

We offer 3 different service levels for shipping, plus extended pricing for Zone 9 from our Jacksonville, FL warehouse. Pricing is based on package weight and desired delivery speed. These service levels are: Standard, 3-7 Days; 2 Day, Expedited; Overnight, Expedited. We also have separate extended pricing for Zone 9 which includes locations like Puerto Rico, Guam, Hawaii, Alaska and more.

So why is warehouse distribution so important? Primarily, it has to do with shipping speeds. Consumers expect all businesses, regardless of size, to get products to them in just a couple of days (the lovely Amazon effect). For smaller businesses, that’s often impossible without incurring giant shipping fees. Having warehouses closer to different parts of the country, makes it easy to cut down on the amount of transit time and deliver faster.

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ShipHero Integrates with the
Best Known Carriers

ShipHero has worked to develop and maintain strong working partnerships with the biggest shipping carriers in the United States. Here’s just a few of the carriers we make it easy to ship with:

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ShipHero Fulfillment is a Favorite Among Our Customers

We don’t mind singing our own praises, but sometimes it’s a lot better for our customers to speak for us. We have a 5.0-star rating on the Shopify App Store, and a 4.8-star rating on TrustPilot.

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Get Shipping With ShipHero Today

Jacksonville eCommerce retailers, if you’re ready to leave the headaches of fulfillment behind and are looking to reduce your shipping costs and increase your customer satisfaction, we invite you to reach out to our ShipHero Fulfillment team today!

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