ShipHero Feature Walkthroughs.

The features are comprehensive, here we cover particular features and show how they work. Recommend you grab a cup of tea before you start.

Managing inventory in stores & warehouses

What we cover:

  • Syncing Inventory Data via Ecommerce Stores, CSV & API
  • Information that is stored with Inventory
  • Making Inventory Changes
  • Managing KITS / Bundles
  • Keeping Track of Inventory Changes
  • Using Barcodes
  • Managing Locations

Purchase order creation and receiving stock

What we cover:

  • Manage Vendors
  • Set Re-Order Levels
  • Set Re-Order Amounts
  • Send your PO to your vendors
  • Track received, rejected inventory
  • Adjust inventory as POs are received

Order management & automation

What we cover:

  • Mapping Shipping Options
  • Automating Repetitive / Manual Tasks
  • Address & Fraud validation
  • Managing Orders in Bulk Modifying Orders
  • Reviewing Orders
  • Making changes to an Order
  • Viewing Order history

Packing & Shipping Orders

What we cover:

  • Viewing Orders that are Ready to Ship
  • Packing Items in an Order
  • Optimizing the Packing Process
  • Reducing Packing Time
  • Improving Accuracy Using Barcodes
  • Printing Shipping Labels

Using the Mobile app

What we cover:

  • Login
  • Connecting / Disconnecting a Barcode Scanner
  • Dashboard
  • Packing Orders
  • Single Item Batch Picking
  • Multi Item Batch Picking
  • Single Order Picking
  • Searching Inventory
  • View a SKU & Making Changes
  • Cycle Count, Stock Take
  • Adjusting Settings

Lots & Expiration Tracking

What we cover:

  • Receiving Into Lots
  • How Inventory Is Picked
  • Shipping Verification
  • Setting Expiration
  • Viewing Lots & Locations
  • Getting Setup

Managing Client Bills in 3PL

What we cover:

  • Billing Profiles
  • Recurring Fees
  • Receiving Fees
  • Storage Fees
  • Shipping Fees
  • Returns Fees
  • Ad Hoc Fees
  • Generating & sending invoices to customers

Inventory, Orders, Shipping & Team Insight

What we cover:

  • Late Orders
  • Orders Needing to be Shipped
  • Team Statistics
  • Orders On Hold
  • Mergeable Orders
  • Recent Inventory Changes
  • Inventory Need to Order
  • Late Purchase Orders
  • Cycle Count Stats

Serial Number Tracking

What we cover:

  • Enabling Serial # Tracking
  • Tracking Serial Numbers
  • Shipping with Serial Numbers

"Since switching to ShipHero, we've reduced our fully-loaded costs by 35%. At the volumes we move, that's huge."

Brittany Stewart, Founder, COO of BURST

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