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Order Life Cycle + Management

Order management can be daunting, but it becomes a breeze with ShipHero’s Warehouse Management System. Our comprehensive platform includes automation rules that handle all the tedious work. Our multi-warehouse allocation feature makes inventory management across various locations more efficient. The Hero board offers real-time data on all warehouse metrics when you need an overview of your operations. Say goodbye to manual processes and embrace effective order management with this informative ShipHero video.


Video Transcript
Today, we'll dive into the life cycle and management of orders in ShipHero’s software, designed to make your life easier. We’ll cover everything from importing and managing orders, automation rules, multi-warehouse allocation, the hero board, and more. Let's get started! Whether through the ShipHero Web Dashboard or Mobile App, our versatile platform ensures your team can access all the tools they need whenever they need them. After connecting your sales channels to ShipHero, orders automatically import. You can also upload orders in bulk through CSV, create them manually within ShipHero, or use our API. To ensure seamless order fulfillment, you’ll set shipping method mappings and use cut off times to dictate when the order needs to ship and which shipping labels should be printed at the end of the fulfillment process. Unlock the power of automation rules to streamline your order management. An extensive list of automation rule triggers and actions can be applied to orders as they enter ShipHero. These rules can be used to customize your fulfillment workflows automatically at scale. No decision making required for your pick and pack teams on the warehouse floor. Use multi-warehouse allocation rules, to dictate where items should be fulfilled from. Much like automation rules, Multi-Warehouse allocation rules have Conditions and Actions. Set up logic that works best for your business. Let ShipHero route an order to the closest warehouse or split across multiple warehouses based on inventory availability. Customize your view and filter orders based on a variety of attributes, including tags, allowing for easy order search, bulk edits, and exports that save you time. ShipHero empowers you to address problem orders fast. Easily find orders that are ready to ship, have holds, or need adjustments and even add notes for the team. Orders that are On Hold won't be seen by your picking or packing team until the holds have been cleared. Whether it's a Fraud hold, incorrect address, payment issue, or operator hold, once the hold has been cleared the order will be fulfilled like any other.As with all changes made to an order, the date, user, and reason for the change will be recorded under the Order History section. These detailed logs let you know exactly who picked and packed the order as well. You can quickly sort and filter orders, even by fulfilled status, which is great for your CS team to check in on statuses to keep customers informed. ShipHero was designed to get orders in and out of your doors quickly and accurately. The system auto generates batches of orders and optimizes picking routes through the warehouse to increase productivity. You'll need to have enough inventory in pickable locations to fulfill your orders. Luckily, ShipHero's mobile replenishment makes this process seamless. It shows which SKUs need to be replenished, how many orders need each item, and enables the team on the floor to quickly transfer them. Here you have a personalized dashboard that gives you an at-a-glance view of your fulfillment operations. View it at home, on the go, or share it on the big screen in the warehouse. The Hero board also has a live shipping view that shows your top pickers + packers, how many orders in total you have shipped that day, how many more you need to ship, and the rate you need to ship to meet your goals. ShipHero's Live Shipping Board keeps track of the day's work and lets pickers and packers enjoy a little competition. It's a great way to gamify your warehouse activity while keeping everything in check! Use WorkforceHero alongside the Hero Board to manage your labor more effectively within the warehouse. See what tasks your employees are working on in real-time, easily assign workers to different jobs, track their time on task, manage special projects and analyze historical data to improve resource planning. Order management doesn't end when the package leaves your warehouse. PostHero provides insight to carrier performance, helps you track against delivery SLAs, picks up delivery notifications supported by shipping carriers, and shows orders that are lost, stuck, or delayed. Check out the links in the description for more detailed videos on other powerful ShipHero features such as PostHero, WorkforceHero, and Hero Board. We hope this walkthrough of ShipHero's Order Management features helps you streamline and boost your operational efficiency. Check out our website and YouTube channel for more feature walkthroughs and tutorials. Remember to follow us on social media for updates on new releases and industry news! Thanks for watching.
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