ShipHero is seeking a Project Manager

We are looking for a project manager & delivery lead with experience managing multiple projects while working with various stakeholders. This is a fundamental role on our team, focusing on ensuring product feature delivery, customer expectations and platform initiatives are scoped, tasked and delivered on schedule.
In addition to making sure our teams stay on track with project delivery schedules, we’re also looking for someone who can work with team leads to ensure we continually improve how we scope, prioritize and incorporate customer feedback into product features as well as testing and general feature acceptance.


  • Project management skills including but not limited to: project plan creation and execution, issue / risk management and prioritization, issue resolution, regular status communications with stakeholders
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills: ability to clearly articulate requirements, issues, and risks to a large stakeholder audience
  • Detail oriented: ability to capture and communicate meeting notes and action items
  • Meeting facilitation and presentation skills
  • Technical aptitude to be able to work requirements between end users, customer success agents and the software developers
  • Work item management and regular backlog maintenance
  • Structures and guides general agile project delivery framework
  • Ensures all teams understand status of projects
  • Work with customer success to communicate feature releases and changes to end customers

To Apply

If this sounds like something that you are interested in, we would love to hear from you. Please email with your resume using the subject “Project Management Lead” and let us know why you’re interested.

About ShipHero

We have built a software platform trusted by hundreds of ecommerce companies, large and small, to run their operations.  Because ShipHero solves complex problems, ecommerce owners are free to focus their attention on business growth. Our customers love our user friendly, visually appealing technology, which they use to fulfill orders placed on sites such as Amazon and Shopify.