Blog > We’re Just Human! Podcast: Entrepreneurship and more with Nourish + Bloom

Welcome to our third episode of We’re Just Human, a short format sort of show that features mostly sane people talking about mostly interesting things and the things we’re all dealing with in this thing called life.

Episode 3 features Jilea Hemmings, who, amongst many other accomplishments is a podcaster, magazine contributor and founder of several startups focusing on health, commerce and career development including Leaf Tyme a cannabis health tech startup, Greenie Tots – meatless meals for kids, Stretchy Hair Care, Green Nyle and is also co-founder of Nourish + Bloom Market which is re-envisioning the traditional corner store and retail experience for small business.

In this episode we cover more random topics centered around entrepreneurship, managing multiple priorities, learning as you build, and all about building out a new kind of retail experience in the wake of the changes in how people shop and buy.

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