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Not Another Doggone eCommerce Case Study, ft. Spotted By Humphrey

Move over Air Bud… Humphrey the French Bulldog may not be able to sink a three pointer, but he can sell dog accessories while saving the planet like it's nobody’s business. Except, it is his business! Enter: Spotted By Humphrey -- a specialty dog boutique with a playfully curated selection of thoughtfully-designed, well-made, premium dog accessories, which comes along with a promise of net-neutral climate emissions.  Spotted By Humphrey - “with its quirky name for…
John Wakim
February 18, 2021
Case StudyCustomersEcommerceInterviews

A NSFW eCommerce Case Study, ft. The Horny Stoner (Rated R)

Give the young and prude a moment to leave… great.  *cue retro adult film music -- bom chicka wow wow* On this featured NSFW customer story by ShipHero AfterDark, we deep-dive into our customer (not like that): The Horny Stoner, a brand that caters to empowered babes that aren’t afraid to express their individuality, or as Founder and CEO Ana Dee affectionately refers to them… Bud Sluts, discreetly providing novelty items from peace pipes to…
John Wakim
February 4, 2021

We’re Just Human! Podcast: Bikes, Tesla & Ops

Welcome to Episode 10 of We're Just Human! Today's guest is Andrew Marshall, the head of operations and finance at Pacific Northwest Components, a business that’s focused on making great quality bicycle components that don’t cost a fortune. Prior to @PNWComponents, Andrew worked in logistics operations for some of the largest automobile supply chains in the world, and then experienced Tesla, with some notable differences. Oh and that article Andrew references when talking about how…
John Wakim
February 2, 2021

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