How ecomspaces Shifted Into Growth Mode with ShipHero

ecomspaces’ search for a solution that could integrate with their 3PL was challenging until they found ShipHero. Discover how this revolutionary end-to-end solution helped ecomspaces offer swift service and satisfy customers.

What is ecomspaces?

Founded by Maïré Rosa, ecomspaces is committed to providing business owners with the resources and support they need to succeed in the world of eCommerce. They understand that running an eCommerce business is a complex and multifaceted endeavor. 

That’s why they offer a one-stop-shop solution that provides all the services and support a business owner could need, all under one roof. From product photography to order fulfillment and international shipping, ecomspaces is the go-to destination for businesses looking to streamline their operations and scale their growth. 

“I have a waiting list of clients [now],” Rosa said. “We have 50 right now and are working to bring on more once we have the room and the headcount.”

The Need to Automate

Training new employees and managing inventory was like navigating a labyrinth for Rosa. Clients could not access their Shopify inventory, and integrations needed to be improved. Everything had to be done manually, which was an incredibly daunting task. It all changed when Rosa had to travel to handle a family emergency in Puerto Rico. 

Her phone and laptop were buzzing non-stop as everyone clamored for her attention. This was her breaking point. Then she remembered the ShipHero demo she had seen before. It might have been a little more expensive than what she was using, but clearly, what she was using wasn’t working. So, she decided to take the plunge and invest in ShipHero.

Rosa was particularly drawn to the billing automation and customer dashboard. This effective duo simplified processes and saved her valuable time, allowing her to focus on growth. Setting up everything only took a week, further enhancing her experience.

“Billing was a nightmare before. Now, it’s so much easier.” – Maïré Rosa.

No More Tedious Tasks

Ecomspaces struggled with the tedious tasks of answering questions and putting out fires. That was until they got ShipHero’s WMS up and running in their facility. With the software in place, ecomspaces was able to provide an unprecedented level of visibility to their clients, freeing up Rosa’s time to focus on growing her business. Rosa’s clients and customers could manage their accounts without constantly contacting her for support. With ShipHero, she had found the perfect solution to keep her business running smoothly.

ShipHero’s end-to-end solution has proven perfect for 3PLs like Rosa’s, with special features tailored to manage clients efficiently. Now, Rosa reports that ecomspaces has been enjoying incredible growth thanks to the benefits of ShipHero’s system, including allowing clients to use their shipping accounts and manage cash flow more effectively. No wonder more companies are turning to ShipHero to streamline operations and drive growth.

“We went from shipping less than 100 orders a day to shipping up to 1,000 orders a day (thanks to bulk ship!).” – Maïré Rosa.

Special Features Tailored to 3PLs

Ultimately, there was no question that ShipHero was the perfect solution for Rosa and ecomspaces. With special features tailored to 3PLs, Rosa and her team could move away from navigating a labyrinth and start growing their business. Now, more than ever, business owners can access the resources they need to succeed in eCommerce. 

Take advantage of these tools by trying a ShipHero demo today! Investing in your business is the first step toward success. 

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ShipHero works with 3PLs just like ecomspaces to streamline processes and give them control of their warehouse operations. We’d love to help you do more with your warehouse – contact our team today to sign up for a demo. 

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