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Grow Your 3PL Business with ShipHero Software

Grow your 3PL business faster with ShipHero’s powerful 3PL warehouse management software (WMS) that makes it easy to ship eCommerce.

  • NWe serve more than 10% of Shopify plus stores globally
  • NOver 100 million packages shipped
  • NMore than $10 billion in shipped orders
  • N #1 Rated Leader in G2 Momentum Report
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“ShipHero has helped us address all of our challenges, and makes it so easy to run our 3PL business. Really it’s the difference between little league versus pro.”
Alex Lewkowict, COO of ONE23 Fulfillment

Why You Should Partner with ShipHero

We make it easy for 3PLs to automate tasks, manage inventory and deliver complete visibility to your customers.

Our 3PL warehouse software gives you everything you need to organize all of your customer orders and inventory. It doesn’t matter if you have 5 customers with 100 SKUs or 25 customers with 10,000 SKUs, we have the tools to run your warehouse at peak efficiency. Access to multiple warehouses with unlimited customer portals and unlimited orders are just a few of the added features that make ShipHero the best shipping software partner for 3PLs.

Black Wolf Nation & ONE23 Fulfillment Conquered eCommerce and Took on the 3PL Industry, All with ShipHero

The case study of Black Wolf Nation & ONE23 Fulfillmentis unique because they grew from one company, a men’s skin care brand to two, starting a 3PL business. Their COO & Founder, Alex Lewkowict, credits ShipHero with giving them the ability to even consider starting their own 3PL. “ShipHero has helped us address all of our challenges, and makes it so easy to run our 3PL business. Adding clients to the system is so easy,” Alex said. When asked about recommending ShipHero to others, Alex’s answer was an emphatic yes. “Highly recommend,” he said. “Really it’s the difference between little league versus pro,” Alex told us when trying to compare us with his former solution. “We’ve just become much more sophisticated, much more efficient.”

ShipHero is the most powerful shipping software solution for 3PLs. We help you better serve your customers, operate more efficiently and grow your business.

Powerful Software for 3PLs That Need to Grow

ShipHero’s WMS for 3PLs is the software that will help you ship efficiently, increase your warehouse output by 30% and reduce mis-ships by 99%+. ShipHero delivers everything you need to grow:

  • 5 Users
  • UNLIMITED Customer Portals
  • UNLIMITED SKUs & Orders
  • Lot & Expiration
  • Returns
  • Automation Rules
  • Shipping Rate Shopper
  • Setup & Training
  • Warehouse Routing
  • Sandbox Account
  • Contract Options
  • 3PL Billing
  • Marketplace Listing
  • Sandbox Account
  • 3PL Billing Management
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • And More!

Check-out all of the details on our simple pricing with no gotchas for WMS for 3PLs HERE.

We Crush It for 3PLs

Our business outcomes prove our software works for 3PLs.

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99.9% Reduction in Mis-Ships & Mis-Picks

Enable your pickers and packers to more accurately do their jobs with mobile barcode scanning and real-time inventory tracking.

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35%+ Reduction in Warehouse Costs

With increased efficiency comes decreased costs. Cutting down on wasted time, and inefficient employees saves your warehouse money.

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3X Increased Picking Efficiency

When your picking efficiency increases, so does your output. With a three-times increase in picking, your warehouse output will increase as well. Get more packages out the door in less time.

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Risk-free – pay as you go.

Enjoy your ShipHero software risk-free with our money-back guarantee and pay as you go model – no annual commitments. Give it a try for 30 days—if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your money in full.

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