Need some last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas? We’ve got you covered

By May 7, 2018No Comments

Mother’s Day has a way of sneaking up on us every year – it is situated in the no-man’s-land between St. Patrick’s Day and Memorial Day, after all. But, if your mom has been less than impressed with your previous offerings (if you are guilty of gifting office supplies, raise your hand), then you might need a little help. Thankfully, we have a short list for you featuring some mom-approved gifts from a few of ShipHero’s loyal clients:

  1. A set of six white clay planters to indulge her new obsession with succulents:

Set of Six | White Clay Planters Urban Farmhouse Designs, $62

2. A pair of Cobalt Loungeez to keep her comfortable and stylish on her Starbucks run:

   The Zig Zag Stripe, $12.99

3. This luxurious Pearly Queen 12-piece makeup brush set to help her achieve a perfectly blended look:

Camera Ready Cosmetics, $94.99

4.¬† Zasttra’s Angry Mama Steam Cleaner to easily remove caked-on spaghetti splatters in her microwave:

Amazon, $6.59

5. This gorgeous 18 carat rose-gold plated 5 drop necklace that she can wear with literally anything:

5 DROP NECKLACE (18K-ROSE GOLD-PLATED) Product Image 01 Kristin Ash, $159

6. This Sweetest Summer Dress, utterly perfect for a summertime lunch with friends:

Sweetest Summer Dress, Red

Chic Soul, $59

7. A beachy straw hat and playful shades (only $3.99!) for chill days at the pool:


Discovery Clothing Company, $8.99


Discovery Clothing Company, $3.99

8. A delicious bottle of Chateau de Berne Cotes de Provence Rose  Рshe obviously deserves it!

Wine Chatteau, $54.97

9. This gelato sampler bath bomb set to help her get the most out of her bath:

GELATO SAMPLER Bath Bomb (set of 4)

Fortune Cookie Soap, $9.99

10. This breezy Tie Die dress to keep her cool at the Memorial Day BBQ: 

The Vahl, $23