Smarter Order Management, Faster Shipping

Automatically assign shipping methods, add or remove products, set notes, select team members and much more.
Order and Shipping Automation with ShipHero

Use technology to reduce your workload

Automation Rules allow you to eliminate the time it takes to process, modify, prioritize and manage customer orders – making it easier for your team to pick, pack, and ship.

Use Automation Rules to Speed Up Order Processing

Eliminate manual and repetitive tasks

ShipHero automation rules can adjust to the properties of each order received, and allows users to choose from a variety of filters. Use automation rules to set up a shipping method or order priority, remove items in a particular order, determine who should pick the order, and record notes and holds.

Speed up how your team ships orders

By eliminating manual tasks and unnecessary decisions – and by adding automation rules – you can speed up how your team processes orders.

Ship Smarter

Assign shipping rules according to shipping addresses and order line items.

Would you like that on ice?

Sometimes setting a shipping option is not enough. Automation rules allow you to create instructions on how each order is packaged based on the order and it’s shipping address. Know when to include special materials by adding instructions, setting tags, or assigning shipments to specific team members.

Handle with care

Automation rules can also be used to include shipping options, such as insurance needed or signature required.

Automation Rules allow you to set your shipping options

Focus on the orders that require special attention

Set any number of conditions to determine priority or ascertain if an order requires special attention.

Automation Rules allow you to set your order priorities

Prioritize based on customer.

Create rules for specific customers based on how many times they’ve ordered, what’s in the order, where the order is coming from, and where the order is going to.

Pay attention to the special orders.

Have a list of specific SKUs that require special handling? Want to flag orders when they exceed a certain weight or are given a specific tag? Use automation to identify special orders and assign actions based on how you want to handle those orders.

Make it easier for your team to ship orders

Let the technology work for you so you can focus on the important things.

Decisions – you want it all, so you get it all

ShipHero allows you to not only determine how your team handles orders, it also allows you to automate what should happen when an order is processed. Who should handle it? What packaging should be used? Any specific items to include with the order? Now, your team only needs to follow instructions instead of making decisions.

Move at the speed of sound (almost)

Not only can your team ship orders faster, you can eliminate opportunities for  wrong decisions to be made. And you no longer have to manually check every order.

ShipHero automation rules help you prioritize shipping