ShipHero’s WMS is in Full Bloom!

Your warehouse will benefit from ShipHero’s latest Spring Feature Release

After the long winter, comes a spring full of opportunity and our ShipHero engineers have been hard at work on three new software features that are ready to roll. We’ll be giving you an inside look at these new features, how they work and how they’ll make your warehouse operations work more efficiently and help lower overhead costs.

ShipHero Spring Feature Release

Work Orders

Our Work Orders dashboard gives you the control to manage special projects directly in ShipHero. With Work Orders you can now:

  • Easily assign tasks and due dates for special projects
  • Track inventory used for special projects or pre-kit assembly
  • Share status updates with the team in the warehouse
  • And, for 3PLs, you can add special pricing to the project so you know exactly what to bill once the project is complete

Click here for more details on Work Orders.


Maximize labor efficiency and get a better handle on what’s working in your warehouse with WorkforceHero. This new module provides you with a better way to track and assign tasks for your warehouse workers on a daily basis. With WorkforceHero you can now:

  • Pre-assign & re-assign tasks to ensure highest priority projects are completed first
  • Review break & meal times per employee to maintain efficiency
  • Track labor hours for any special projects (making it easier to bill!)

Click here for more details on WorkforceHero

Mobile Replenishment

Tighten up your inventory management with Mobile Replenishment. With Mobile Replenishment you can now:

  • Manage inventory allocation via an all-in-one dashboard
  • Eliminate spreadsheets, Post-it notes or outside tools to remember what SKUs to replenish
  • Filter and manage your replenishment so you can focus on the most important SKUs first

Click here for more details on Mobile Replenishment

How to Start Saving

If you’re interested in getting ShipHero, one of the leading warehouse management systems available, contact our team for a demo today.