It’s time to regain your inventory confidence.

Comprehensive inventory management allows you to manage locations, lots, low stock, cycle counts, and much more.

Inventory tracking, replenishment and reporting all in one place.

Access an extensive set of features that built to eliminate multiple apps and spreadsheets. Finally,  manage every activity in a single place.

Let’s start with where you sell your products

ShipHero keeps tabs on your products and keeps your sales channels in sync. No matter how many products or channels you’re managing.

How you organize your products


Manage multiple warehouses, with inventory transfers, POs, and order routing.


Static and dynamic slotting options give you full control of bins, pickable priorities and overstock locations.

Lot Expiration & Serial #

Create lots while receiving inventory, set expiration. Track serial numbers on outbound products.

"Before, we might have had 1,000 units of size ‘medium’ somewhere in the warehouse, but we had no way of knowing how many were available to pickers"

"As of two months ago, we can finally track everything. With Dynamic Slotting, we can see our pick-face—anything up to six feet—and the three rows of racking above are for overstock. It’s very easy to see what’s stored on each skid, pull it down, and transfer it from that location to an active one so our pickers can access it,"

Jake Rajsky, VP of American Tall

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Order Allocations

Manage how products are automatically allocated to orders. Keep tabs on availability vs on-hand.

Set Re-Order Levels

Set replenishment levels for each product, with notifications that keep you on top of what needs replenishing.

Cycle Count

Regularly count inventory without disrupting the day-to-day using the mobile app.

Logs & Reports

Know your products every move as well as your next, with inventory logs, change reports and sales-by-sku.

Inventory stock level accuracy and awareness

You can set replenishment levels for each product, with daily stock notifications, while also setting the default re-order amount to quickly generate a purchase order.

Ordering and receiving products

Purchase Orders

Create new purchase orders, specify suppliers and the receiving warehouse. Quickly add any low stock products with the tap of a button.

Set Sell Aheads

Manage sell ahead options so you can sell on the products you’ve ordered. Once received, orders are updated to reflect stock.

Easy Receiving

Keep tabs on every PO change, scan products to indicate what’s received. Attach pictures of anything damaged and keep a log.

"Moving from our legacy system to ShipHero was seamless."

Ross Epperly, COO of Sauceda Industries

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Making sure you ship the right products

Barcode Management

Barcodes reduce errors while improving speed, create, print, scan barcodes across every function of the warehouse.

Mobile Order Pick

Armed with mobile devices and scanners, your team will follow the optimized pick routes and confirm each picked item.

Easy Packing

Packers can simply scan the barcodes of totes or products to confirm each packed item and order that you ship.

Comprehensive inventory features built for confidence

Lot & Expiration

Set expiration on inventory lots, manage FEFO & FIFO rules.

Kitting & Bundling

Built-in availability tracking and management for pre-assembled or assemble on the fly picking.

Dynamic Slotting

Manage multiple pick bins, set pick priorities, and quickly manage bin transfers with replenishment reporting.

Customs Data

Associate customs information with each product to be included for international shipments.

CSV Upload

Make changes in bulk to inventory and product information, with downloadable templates.

Returns Processing

For returns processing, indicate if a product is to be restocked or not.

Open API

Update inventory data directly using the open GraphQL API, collaborate with other developers in our community.

Logs & Reporting

Every inventory change is logged, along with who, when, and why. Reporting provides insight into how products are performing.

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