Real Savings that Make a Real Difference

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At ShipHero, we talk a lot about efficiency, error reductions and cost-savings. And it’s not just smoke – we can prove that using ShipHero’s shipping software on steroids can and will save you money.

The easiest way to measure the savings you can achieve with ShipHero is to use an ROI (Return on Investment) Calculator. Our calculator below will help you see in real, black and white numbers what ShipHero can do for your bottom line.

Here’s how it works:

ShipHero’s ROI Calculator works in four major categories:

Shipping mistakes 1

Shipping mistakes

Even reducing your error rate by less than 1% can have significant cost savings. ShipHero’s average error reduction rate is 99.97%.

Let’s say your error rate is 99%. It’s easy to think an incremental increase of 0.97% won’t really have an effect; however, with an average order value of $80 and approximately 50,000 orders a year, further decreasing your error rate by 0.97% can save you over $100K a year! Yes!

Inventory accuracy 1

Inventory accuracy

Reducing oversold orders saves you in a few different ways. One, you greatly reduce the chance that the customer will never come back and two, you sell the inventory you have on hand. Even with a small tweak, once again less than one percentage point, can pay huge dividends. HUGE!

Labor efficiency 1

Labor efficiency

This is a big one. Your labor costs make a big impact and can typically be your highest cost – maybe only surpassed by your postage costs (we’ll get to that in a second). However, with ShipHero, we can increase your warehouse output by 30%.

For example, let’s say your annual labor spend is $500k. With ShipHero, you could save up to $150k. That type of savings will pay for the software many times over.

Postage cost reductions 1

Postage cost reductions

ShipHero uses a special algorithm called real-time carrier rate shopping. Once a packer scans a barcode for a certain order, ShipHero’s software determines the cheapest carrier option and prints the label. It’s an automated process that automatically saves you money.

Use the calculator below to see what type of savings your business can achieve with ShipHero’s warehouse management software (WMS). Even a savings of one or two percent could be huge depending on your shipping volume.


If you’re ready to save money, it’s time to contact the experts at ShipHero. Our shipping software on steroids saves you money without cutting corners or compromising on service.