ShipHero Executives Win Recognition for Innovation

ShipHero was created by an eCommerce merchant who needed a better, more efficient and more cost effective way to manage his inventory in his warehouse and for shipping orders to customers. 

Now, ShipHero is a Warehouse Management Software and Fulfillment Solutions leader, serving more than 5,000 eCommerce brands and shipping thousands of packages per week. 

Aaron Rubin Named One of the Top 100 CEOs in Innovation

Aaron Rubin, ShipHero’s CEO was recently recognized by World Business Magazine as a Top 100 CEO in Innovation for 2022. Aaron’s commitment to always keeping the client’s needs top-of-mind and building a product that people need has led ShipHero to great success. 

As an innovator, Aaron has always believed that having more client support team members than sales team members leads to growth, and he was right. By offering top notch support, ShipHero has grown quickly, expanding its total employees from just under 200 to over 450 in about 18 months. 

He also is committed to constantly improving ShipHero’s WMS. Working closely with ShipHero’s engineers and product team have led to providing one of the most comprehensive WMS options available.

Maggie M. Barnett, Esq. Named Among 2022 Women in Supply Chain

Maggie M. Barnett is a powerhouse at ShipHero. Supply and Demand Chain Executive, named her one of Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s 2022 Women in Supply Chain. On top of her duties as Chief Operating Officer, she is also responsible for overseeing ShipHero’s Fulfillment Solutions operations. Along with Aaron, Maggie provides direction for the company, looking for ways to grow ShipHero’s business and enhance its reputation. 

Maggie’s past experience as a lawyer has led her to be a wonderful spokesperson for ShipHero. She has moderated panel discussions and webinars, and often represents ShipHero to the media, especially as supply chain issues have plagued the industry since 2020.

Integral to her role is the knowledge and insight into ShipHero’s business and goals and a roadmap for reaching them. She also leads by example and is an excellent mentor for employees across the company. 

ShipHero’s Executives Emphasize Success

At ShipHero, we’re proud to work with Aaron and Maggie who continue to push boundaries and lead with an innovative mindset. We acknowledge these achievements and can’t wait to see what comes next. Congratulations, Aaron and Maggie! 


About ShipHero

ShipHero is a US based, leading provider of cloud-based eCommerce fulfillment solutions that gives online retailers and third-party logistics providers the tools to ship more efficiently anywhere in the world. With more than 5,000 customers located around the globe, ShipHero offers online retailers a suite of services ranging from warehouse management software to outsourced fulfillment as a service. 

Some notable customers include Mars, Universal Music Group and Canadian Tire. Additionally, ShipHero is the official fulfillment network partner for Shopify, and is rapidly scaling a network of warehouses throughout the US to meet the growing demands of today’s online retailers.


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