Klaviyo Integration Highlights Post-Shipment Events – Now Available for Software Clients

Following the successful rollout in November 2021 for Fulfillment Clients, ShipHero is happy to announce that PostHero with Klaviyo, is now available to U.S. Software Clients. PostHero with Klaviyo tracks all the post-shipment events that are important to customers. It also gives ShipHero’s clients clearer insight into their shipping carrier performance and delivery stats. PostHero with Klaviyo is currently available to ShipHero Fulfillment Clients and Software Clients with brand accounts in the U.S.

This type of direct integration will help to raise the profile of ShipHero’s Software Clients by offering them the same transparency of their bigger rivals. It is also a huge benefit to customer satisfaction as details about package progress and delivery estimates can be better communicated.

More Insight with Klaviyo

PostHero already tracks packages across select U.S. carriers and provides insight by giving you the tools you need to truly understand your fulfillment process, even after the package has left the warehouse.

The Klaviyo integration brings all the power of Klaviyo’s workflows to ShipHero’s software. U.S. brand accounts can take advantage of Klaviyo’s workflows to trigger certain events depending on the status of a package. PostHero with Klaviyo for Software brand accounts will also provide an easy-to-read dashboard. This dashboard will display data on packages at certain steps in the fulfillment pipeline. 

PostHero with Klaviyo:

  • Tracks packages across U.S. carriers.
  • Helps identify growth opportunities in shipping.
  • Helps clients recognize and address fulfillment gaps.

More Visibility for Increased Success

The dashboard within ShipHero will provide insights like average transit time. This data can even be parsed at the state or carrier level. Currently, the available filters on the dashboard are: 

  • Carrier
  • Date
  • State
  • Store
  • Warehouse

The PostHero dashboard will also show any problematic orders, including those that are stuck, lost or delayed. Stuck (or lost) is defined as orders that were shipped, but not delivered, and there has been no update from the carrier in two business days. Delayed is defined as orders that were shipped 7 business days ago and were not delivered; but there has been a carrier update within the last two business days. 

This insight gives ShipHero’s U.S. Software Clients more data that helps them further streamline and improve their shipment processes. And it lets them know which carriers perform the best for them and their customers.

“So many things can affect delivery,” Aaron Rubin, ShipHero’s Founder & CEO said. “It’s important to give our clients the ability to see as much as possible into that process. PostHero with Klaviyo provides powerful data that all eCommerce brands need.”

The Klaviyo integration with PostHero is available for ShipHero’s U.S. clients. PostHero currently supports USPS, UPS, FedEx, Endicia and Shippo. 

For further details regarding the Klaviyo integration and how it can positively impact your eCommerce business, current ShipHero Clients should reach out to Client Support, HERE.

About ShipHero

ShipHero is a US based, leading provider of cloud-based eCommerce fulfillment solutions that gives online retailers and third-party logistics providers the tools to ship more efficiently anywhere in the world. With more than 5,000 customers located around the globe, ShipHero offers online retailers a suite of services ranging from warehouse management software to outsourced fulfillment as a service. Some notable customers include Mars, Universal Music Group and Canadian Tire. Additionally, ShipHero is the official fulfillment network partner for Shopify, and is rapidly scaling a network of warehouses throughout the US to meet the growing demands of today’s online retailers.

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