Should You Use a Canadian 3PL?

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Are you looking for a way to simplify your eCommerce shipping and logistics? If so, consider using a Canadian third-party logistics (3PL) provider. This is a perfect option, whether expanding into the Canadian market or trying to find a better fulfillment solution. With all the benefits of working with a 3PL in Canada – from improved customer experience to reduced transit times – you’ll wonder why you didn’t jump on board sooner. Keep reading as we explore why you should use a Canadian 3PL!

What is a Canadian 3PL?

If you’re an eCommerce seller, you know what it’s like to be stuck with mountains of orders and need somewhere to put them before sending them. This is where a 3PL partner with prime warehouse space comes into play: allowing businesses to store their products in arrival-ready spots and quickly get them off to customers. 

But what exactly is a 3PL? It stands for third-party logistics, companies specializing in taking care of the logistics needs of businesses related to freight shipping, distribution, and warehousing. On top of this, 3PLs should have integrations with top eCommerce platforms to collaborate on order fulfillment. Plus, they also need partnerships with mail carriers like Canada Post to ensure that products can be shipped safely from one destination to another — something any successful business will want assurance on. 

For more information about 3PLs, read our blog, The Ultimate Guide to Third-Party Logistics.

Why Would You Need a Canadian 3PL?

With Canadian eCommerce fulfillment, expanding your market share couldn’t be easier. Canadian 3PLs specialize in handling eCommerce fulfillment projects – so why waste time trying to figure out Canadian customs when you have a Canadian 3PL expert ready to do it for you? They will not only make sure to guide you through all Canadian tax legalities, but they’ll also ensure that your goods are shipped quickly, securely, and cost-effectively.

What Do They Do for eCommerce Businesses?

Canadian 3PLs have emerged as a critical partner for eCommerce businesses looking to expand their operations. Canadian-based logistics providers are taking the lead in getting goods shipped quickly and cost-effectively, regardless of where inventory is sourced. With Canadian 3PL services, businesses can feel confident that their products or services will move from supplier to consumer with speed and agility. 

But Canadian 3PLs offer more than just fast delivery—they can also help companies find the right balance between location and labor. By choosing the right industrial real estate properties, Canadian 3PLs have access to quality employment opportunities and hyperlocal amenities that help create an efficient supply chain. It’s all part of creating a winning strategy on the digital shelf!

Benefits of Using a Canadian 3PL For Your eCommerce Logistics Needs

Canadian 3PLs can offer your eCommerce business many logistics services you won’t find with other companies. For instance, Canadian 3PLs bring the invaluable benefit of experience with Canadian regulations, so you won’t have to worry about surprises. Plus, they can provide customs clearance and brokerage services; in other words, they take care of all the paperwork for you! 

Canadian 3PLs also offer unbeatable convenience—they can pick up goods at induction points across Canada and provide an uninterrupted transition from start to finish. As a bonus, Canadian 3PLs let business owners get in on Section 321, which enables duty reimbursement or duty deferral for goods crossing the Canadian-American border. (Restrictions apply. Visit our Section 321 page for more information.)

Questions to Ask Potential Canadian 3PL Providers

  1. Are the goods picked up in the U.S. by the third-party logistics provider and delivered to their Canadian warehouse/DC or to the customer in Canada?
  2. Does the 3PL offer guaranteed direct service with a specific date?
  3. Is there a way to track every order with the logistics provider?
  4. Is the 3PL able to provide pick-and-pack services?
  5. Is the 3PL well versed in sales taxes and duties?
  6. Does the company offer last-mile delivery? White glove services?
  7. Are there many warehouses across Canada owned and operated by the 3PL?
  8. Do they have easy access to major population centers?
  9. Can you access your inventory, orders, shipments, and operations via a web portal 24/7?
  10. What kind of technology does the provider use? Integration-capable enterprise software is preferred.

Not All Canadian 3PLs Are Created Equal

Retailers have to navigate a constantly changing landscape, making it no surprise that 3PLs have become such a hot commodity. Most retailers understand the importance of finding the right Canadian 3PL provider that can help keep up with their eCommerce needs. But not all Canadian 3PLs are created equal: some offer comprehensive services like website hosting and mobile commerce enablement, while other Canadian 3PLs may provide basic warehousing and order fulfillment. To ensure you’re getting the perfect 3PL for the job, it’s important to take your time and do your homework. Analyze reviews, get reference reports, and be sure you’ve found a Canadian 3PL with all the bells and whistles you need for success.

Did You Know ShipHero is Also a Canadian 3PL?

Business owners around the nation can breathe a sigh of relief, ShipHero is one of the top Canadian 3PLs. Everybody has access to their fast and cost-saving Canadian warehouse locations thanks to their presence in Canadian cities such as Toronto and Vancouver, plus access to Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City (to name a few). Canadian businesses can now receive up to a 20% reduction on all shipments annually – allowing them to save money and pass those savings along to their customers! So if you’re a Canadian business looking for top-notch shipping options – look no further than the Canadian experts at ShipHero.

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