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ShipHero has an average delivery speed of 3.5 days, which is quicker than other 3PLs. And, it costs you less. Find out how you can get your products into the hands of satisfied customers faster and for less money than your competitors now.


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What ShipHero Offers

Our end-to-end, full service Fulfillment Solution leverages the reach of our 7 owned and operated warehouses!

Inventory Management

ShipHero’s owned and operated warehouses can optimize your inventory management processes. Simply send your products to a single warehouse and our fulfillment experts can take it from there.

  • Entire inventory sent to ShipHero
  • Intelligent inventory distribution
  • Replenish stock before it runs out


With ShipHero Fulfillment, you’ll get real time updates on your inventory and orders throughout the day, with info pushed to the warehouse the moment the order happens.

  • Instantly push your products to the ShipHero system
  • In-package snapshots via ParcelView
  • Immediately update your inventory


With ShipHero’s real-time reporting capabilities, you’ll be able to understand the efficiency of your shipments, how much each of those shipments cost and when to restock your inventory.

  • Inventory replenishment
  • Cost optimization
  • Efficiency reports


Our PostHero integration allows you to track your packages to their destination, stay up-to-date on their progress and analyze how certain shipping methods and carriers are working for you.

  • Accurately predict delivery times
  • Performance reports across carriers
  • Recognize and address fulfillment gaps

Section 321

By importing your products into Canada and exporting them via Section 321, your brand can take advantage of Canada’s duty relief programs and save up to 20% on shipments.

  • ShipHero helps you set up the right Duty Relief Program
  • Get duty fees reimbursed
  • Excellent service with no zone shipping to the U.S.
  • Shipping times stay the same


By storing inventory in multiple ShipHero Fulfillment center locations across North America, you’re given a competitive edge by reaching a larger volume of customers faster and more affordably.

  • Strategic inventory distribution
  • No zone shipping
  • Shortened last mile shipping


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“It’s made things feel more scalable. It has emboldened me to say ‘let’s go ahead and go up a notch’.”

Paul Dell, Founder

The rate shopping alone will pay for the software, add in the kitting functions and it’s so much more efficient and automated.

Alex Lewkowict, Founder and COO

ShipHero has allowed us to lower our shipping rate for our customers in Canada… The results have been great!

Edgard Barilas, Founder and COO

How it Works

Easily integrate your online store to ShipHero's warhouse management software

1. Connect

Connect your store, and send us your products.

Track your warehouse progress for accurate picking, packing and shipping

2. Store

We intelligently distribute and store your inventory across our country-wide network of warehouses, which offers faster delivery at a lower cost.

Optimize your warehouse and track orders with ShipHero's warehouse management software

3. Fulfill

When your customer places an order, we pick, pack and ship your product. With full visibility into your orders, real-time reporting and inventory replenishment, you’ll be able to scale faster than you thought.

The Strongest Integration
Ecosystem in the Space

ShipHero is integrated with the leading eCommerce, marketplace, shipping and robotics platforms. Connect ShipHero with any of these systems in just a few clicks – it’s really that easy – no manual processes!