How Vareya’s Client Onboarding Spree Lead to 300% Boom!

  • 300% increase in order volume

Vareya Tripled Their Business With ShipHero

Located in the Netherlands, Vareya began providing 3PL services for B2B companies across Europe, Asia and the UK in 2008. With just 30 full-time employees, and looking to switch to a B2C business in 2016, Vareya knew that their current, disorganized warehouse management solution wouldn’t allow them the growth they wanted. All of these non-integrated systems led to a ton of paperwork, a ton of mistakes and a ton of headaches.

Enter ShipHero. With its fully end-to-end Warehouse Management Software solution, ShipHero was able to migrate all of Vareya’s systems to an all-in-one platform. Instead of using a variety of different software, Vareya could now just look to ShipHero to run its warehouses.

New B2C Business Means New WMS

Vareya began a strictly B2B company in 2008, but was looking to grow. In 2016, they began the B2C side of the company, onboarding smaller clients. However, just 3 years ago, when they landed a larger client, their Operations Manager, Jamal Boud knew it was past time to make a change.

“Systems were quite separated. One for inventory management, another tool for barcodes/labels and one for systems to connect to stores. Another system for returns,” observed Jamal Boud. “Our new client was very large and IT and integrations were quite important to them. So, I knew we would need a better, more streamlined system.”

ShipHero was new to the Netherlands at that time, but once Jamal saw a demo, he was hooked. “I had a call with Yosef and it was all integrated, from A to Z. When a client is onboarded, connecting with the store is plug and play, even the clients can do it, it takes like 5 minutes,” Jamal said. “Everything that we needed was integrated. It was like a system that was built for us.”

Now Onboarding: New Clients Weekly

“Since using ShipHero, we tripled our business. Receiving new leads and new clients daily. They always ask which system we use, and once they see ShipHero, the clients love it,” Jamal said.

Because of ShipHero’s outstanding client support teams and its intuitive system, Vareya can onboard new clients weekly. In fact, Jamal credits ShipHero, especially the ability for clients to create their own accounts in the system, as the reason clients choose Vareya.

Decrease Mistakes, Increase Response

Time Another ShipHero feature that both Vareya and their clients love are the reports. With past systems that didn’t communicate, it was hard for Vareya or their clients to know when an item didn’t ship or when they were running low on specific inventory. This led to unhappy customers and frustrating situations for Vareya.

“Reports in ShipHero can be communicated to clients and clients really appreciate the information,” Jamal said. “With the older system it was easy to miss an out of stock notice or miss an order that didn’t ship. Now, when clients receive notifications about inventory, they can act quickly.

The Right Partner Sets the Pace

Vareya sees growth on the horizon with ShipHero. “We’ve been an advocate from the beginning, because ShipHero has been so helpful,” Jamal said. The company recently moved into a newer warehouse with more square footage to accommodate the additional business they’re supporting. They have even onboarded a few clients from the U.S. that needed local fulfillment in Europe.

“We see a lot of growth coming with support from ShipHero,” Jamal said.

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