Scoring Big: SportStop’s 20% Increase in Picking and Packing Efficiency

  • 30% Increase in Picking Efficiency
  • 20% Increase in Packing Efficiency

SportStop Scored a More Efficient Warehouse With ShipHero, a $7 Million business with just 10 full-time employees, needed a better and more ecient option for managing their orders and their shipping. As a lacrosse-specific sporting goods website, the beginning of the pandemic brought a lull that ended up being the perfect chance to begin the change. Enter ShipHero. With a one-click integration with Shopify – a partner SportStop had already identified as a leading contender for their frontend website – ShipHero emerged as one of the best options to help streamline their warehouse operations and increase effciency.

SportStop Scored a More Efficient Warehouse With ShipHero knew that it was time to change. Looking to wean their systems o of NetSuite, they started looking around for a new digital marketplace platform and new Warehouse Management Software.

ShipHero’s ability to manage the basics of the picking, packing and shipping process is what eventually won the day. “It was scan the item, scan the tote, and then waiting 60-120 seconds for the items and the order to load (on the old system),” said Paul Dell,’s Founder. “And then the picking process was a little more time-consuming, because you’d have to set it up a certain way. And then you’d have to wait for it to be ready to go, and then at the end you’d have to wait a discernible amount of time to finalize everything.”

By shaving off these dead moments in the process, estimates they’ve increased their picking efficiency by 30%. And their packing process efficiency has increased by at least 20%. “One person can pick 70-80 orders in an hour,” Dell told ShipHero. “And training someone to pick now just takes a few minutes.”

Easy to Implement, Easy to Maintain

ShipHero’s iPad-enabled picking process makes it much easier for Dell’s staff to pick in the warehouse. And a broken device doesn’t signal the end of the world. After being with ShipHero for a little over a year, none of the devices have broken. But it’s really the efficiencies that make ShipHero worthwhile. “Going with ShipHero, some of these pain points, shaving off5-10 seconds here or there or sometimes a minute or two here or there, we didn’t realize how beneficial that would be,” Dell told ShipHero.

A Partner For Success

Dell has found that ShipHero’s Client Success Managers and their willingness to communicate is a welcome change that makes it easier to succeed.

“I’ve never had a dedicated person who checks in quarterly and asks ‘what are you thinking for the future?’ or ‘here are some new features’,” Paul Dell mentioned. “I like that. I haven’t had that with some of the other companies I’ve dealt with. Definitely wasn’t with the other company we were with. We just had a little change on one of the forms and it was like $500 to change anything. Just nickel and diming you on things. And it took a week or two.”

A Future Full of Growth

And this fall, SportStop is getting ready to grow. “Having things go so smoothly with ShipHero does give me confidence to bring more products into the warehouse. It’s made things feel more scalable. It has emboldened me to say ‘let’s go ahead and go up a notch’.” Dell recommends ShipHero to other warehouse operators and managers because we do the basics so well. “They keep improving it over time. In the past year, there’s been a number of new features. You’ve changed so much more (than the previous system) and that’s exciting. Things I didn’t know I needed, like the merge order feature, have been so helpful.”

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